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The Linkables

Swansea University has carried out what could be the first scientific study into ASMR.

Feel like you might have the opposite of FOMO? It's called FOGO

The beautiful Chrissy Teigen chats about why she stopped Instagramming her photos.

I have found that since my 23rd birthday, birthdays just don't feel like birthdays anymore. Maybe I should get some rituals, Veronica shares hers

Four of the world's most connected people chat about how they network.

I'm so glad some people have enough time of their hands to think about things. Such as the difference between hahah and hehehe.

The 10 sexist (and least sexiest) creative pursuits. I've actually done more of the bottom 10 than the top 10....

Another (prehaps New Age) way to look at womanhood.

For the astrologically inclined, what to read when you're going through transit.

I don't read that many non-British blogs but when the photography is this good...

Some tips on creating a blogging space.

A reminder, have you married yourself yet?

If you're in Tokyo and fancy a good cry, there's a hotel with a crying suite...

Every Game of Thrones location in real life.

I normally like my ASMR videos to be very high (camera/sound) quality but I was pleasantly surprised by the tingles from this cosplay shop video.

Theresa has some wise words on 'evil big corporations'.

You can live in a castle, but you need to fit a certain blend of perfect...

Fancy joining the Mile High Club but don't want to get into trouble from the stewards? There's a plane company in Cinccnatti that can help

A reminder that sexual orientation (like many other things in life) is fluid.

Here are 20 disturbing Barbie Dolls.

The case for why getting up early is a good thing.

16 responses from amazing women who are sick of being asked about their love lives.

"You are not a ‘sell out’ if you find a job you don’t mind and then spend money from said job on things and experiences you truly love. You are not contractually obligated to the universe to make a career of your oil paintings. It’s totally okay to be an accountant who sells her paintings on Etsy and teaches the occasional Community Ed class." - Sarah has some very wise words on career and city swapping.

On the topic of career advice, here's what an academic would say to his younger self.

A reminder on the difference between self-care and self-comfort.

The makers of Cards Against Humanity once released a game which was essentially a pack of cards for swingers.

The Women's Football World Cup starts this Saturday and here's the schedule for how to keep up on the BBC.

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