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1 June 2015

Dusty Girls Mineral Make-Up

Dustry Girls blusher and mascara

A type of make-up I've always felt to be a hit or miss has been mineral make-up. And I have, for the most part, stayed clear. But very recently Australian mineral make-up company Dusty Girls* got in contact asking if I wanted to try a few pieces from their range. Admittedly I was a bit hesitant given my general feelings regarding parting with money for mineral products, but I decided to give it a bash. And I was pleasantly surprised. So the very first review of any mineral product on my blog (in the whole four years it has been running) is going to be surprisingly positive! 

First up we have their Natural Mineral Blush in Pink Ladies. Almost always, I'm a peach girl with my blush. However when I watched back my one month balcony garden video I realllly felt the lipstick and the peach blush didn't go and it was time to invest in a bigger blush collection. The first time I swirled this product on my face I was immediately taken aback by how pigmented it was! This is a very pigmented blush which you'll need to apply gently, or if you like your blush very vibrant then it'll be right up your street. The shade itself I would say is a baby pink - perfect for pale girls. Also the staying power was what I would consider to be of average quality - I used it for work (a very small amount, mind you!) and did find myself wanting to give myself another application at lunch time (bare in mind I do have very oily skin). 

Second up I received their Natural Mineral Bronzer in Sunshine. Just like the blusher this is a very pigmented product. It only comes in one shade so be careful pale ladies. I have quite fair skin (not ridiculously pale) and it still worked well for me - with very gentle and careful application! The bronzer and blusher come in the same size of case, and it's a very generous case as of that and I believe I'll own this product for a very long time! 

Finally, I have the Night Fall Natural Mineral Mascara which is the first mineral mascara that has ever come into my possession. It's a small fibre brush and gets all the small eyelashes. It has quite an everyday normal effect on my eyelashes (does that make sense?) which isn't too wowza but you can still tell I'm wearing mascara. The only negative point is that it's not waterproof so not one to wear to a wedding or during hayfever season. 

Dusty Girls Mineral Make-Up

Pros: very pigmented, cute packaging, blush and bronzer are large sizes, mascara has a small brush.
Cons: mascara is not waterproof. 

About Dusty Girls
Dusty Girls are a 100% vegan Australian mineral make-up company. They are part of MooGoo who specialise in skincare for problem skin and have long been included in my cruelty-free brand list

This product was sent to me by the brand for my consideration. 


  1. I shall have to check out their website, I'm a fan of mineral makeup it just suits my skin better :)

  2. I didn't even know mineral mascara was a thing! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. Yeah, same! Really love the packing on this, and the name is quite clever for a mineral brand.

      Lis/last year's girl x

  3. I had no idea mineral mascara existed either. I like mineral makeup but it's a bugger to photograph, so I've ended up looking makeup free in the photo's of big nights out and special occasions :o( I love how long it will last you though and that it's not loose in fiddly little pots.


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