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26 June 2015

The Linkables

If you read only one thing this week, make it this: racism is not a mental illness

And on breaking up: artist Sophie Calle had women of various professions analyse a break-up letter from a professional viewpoint. The results are interesting

So...pop-ups are annoying. But they work. If you really don't want to use one, here's an alternative seven spots on your website you can use opt-in forms. 

A big bumper guide....for starting a lifestyle blog.

If you're wondering who would win a rap battle between Daenerys Targaryen and you go

For anyone doing a bit of DIY design: a beginner's guide to font pairing (There's more to it than I thought). 

A pretty big (almost marketing-degree level) guide to producing better content

My girl Hayley updated her blog roll

So...I can't say I drink gin all that often (pass the rum, or white wine) but if you do here's 15 ways to do so that are a bit different

An important article about the Women's World Cup and different countries approaches to parent players. 

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  1. Thanks for linking me up! Sitting down to read the Etsy post now :)
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams


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