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20 May 2015

Dr Noodles, Dundee

dr noodles vegan dundee

You know sometimes you really want to blog about something, but are a concerned it might be a bit boring? I'm having that feeling right now. Because today kids I'm away to review a box of noodles. Yeah. But these are mighty fine noodles. So if you like noodles (and boxes) then you can keep reading. 

A bit of background here: Dr Noodles in Dundee is a place I frequented back when I was a student. I mean it serves nooldes in a box for under a fiver so obviously students eat there. But on my trip back last weekend I decided to pop in for old times sake. And was happy to see that it was exactly the same as when I left. 

Dr Noodles is the kind of place where you 'build your own'. You choose your size of box, your sauce and what kind of meat (or tofu) you want in noodles. On Saturday I went for tofu mixed with soy sauce but my favourite back in the day was coconut. The first time I ever went in I ordered the spicy coconut but underestimated how spicy it was going to be and I couldn't finish the box! On Saturday I was with my spice loving pal who ordered the chilli sauce - I had one bite of it and ended up fanning my face and downing my Sprite. If you can't handle really spicy foods then you might want to stay clear but if you're allllll about testing your spice tolerance then Dr Noodles is a place to pop by. 

Dr Noodles have franchises in Dundee, St Andrews and Aberdeen. On the website they confirm that the noodles are wheat noodles. However they don't mention tofu on the website but I can assure you there was tofu at the Dundee branch. You can read the menu here anyway. I'm also sorry about my questionable photography, but boxed noodles are quite a so-so thing to get a good photo of....

So that was the story of how I managed to write four paragraphs about a box of noodles. But noodles from Dr Noodles come highly recommended. If you like noodles I'd go. If you want a quick foodie fix in Dundee for under a fiver, I'd go. If you're a student, I'd go. If you like to burn your tongue on spicy stuff, I'd go. Dr Nooldes appeals to many a target market. 


  1. No this definitely wasn't a boring post, but it has made me want to go to Dr Noodles - I've never been to a place where they serve noodles in a box, and bonus that they are under a fiver. Although, I will definitely be avoiding the spicy ones if I can ever go - wish there was on closer to me!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. This isn't boring! This is the kinda cheap, easy to find food that makes veganism more accessible which is a great thing!

    1. dr noodles isnt vegan as they use egg noodles, they do rice boxe too which might be vegan but the noodles deffo arent!!

    2. Hi there. I remember checking their website before going in. Which I have just re-checked and it says wheat noodles on the nutritional information. Have you heard that this is incorrect? http://www.drnoodles.co.uk/dr-noodles-food-nutrition.html


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