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8 May 2015

The Linkables

Vertical roll cake

Photo by Call Me Cupcake

You attract what you put you, if you feel you're losing you 'magnet' here's some advice from Veronica Varlow

If you needed any other reason to believe Jack Nicholson is a creepy old man, there used to be a tunnel linking his house to the Playboy mansion

I never quite got into Livejournal (was all about the MySpace and messageboards) but love a good bit of internet nostalgia anyway, so here's a memoir to old-school Livejournal

For more internet nostalgia, here's some old Radiohead websites

Uber and Lyft are American lift services which I'm kind of wishing we had here, however many women still don't want to be drivers due to safety concerns

If you like looking at otter videos online, you'll be lad to now Monterey Bay Aquarium has set up a live cam so you can watch to your hearts content. (there's also other cams, but I love otters)

I use IFTTT to link my Instagrams to the mo'adore Facebook page. But you can also use it to receive alerts of craigslist items which might be of interest

Gerard Butler agrees that the southside is the best side of Glasgow

There's a restaurant in Instanbul which encourages food photos with fancy plates

The actor who plays Ste in Hollyoaks pretty much had the best wedding ever

My pal Hayley who is a talented crocheter (and scientist) has opened her own Etsy shop, The Crocheting Chemist

This is maybe for those of us who run corporate blogs but here's 6 places to find content ideas

I look after social media, but only as part of my job. If you're like me, here's how to manage social media if you really are stuck for time

And lastly, the best YouTube tag I've seen in a while: the blindfolded book challenge


  1. Okay, the Blindfolded Book Challenge is definitely going on my to film list.

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Katy as some crazy book detecting superpower!


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