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13 May 2015

Bulgar Wheat Salad

bulgar wheat salad

Posting a salad recipe two weeks in a row is probably not the best way to convince non-vegans that I my diet doesn't just consist of leaves. (I promise I eat other things, mainly curry). 

However, this bulgar wheat salad is one of my favourite but tasty but quick things to make to take into work. For anyone who's unfamiliar, bulgar wheat is something that I was unaware of until I went vegetarian. It's a form of grain which soaks up flavours fantastically, so feel free to experiment with it. However this is how I like to make mine. 

Cup of bulgar wheat
1/2 cup of rice
pinch of salt
Few drops soy sauce
One vegetable stock cube
Bad of mixed salad
Two spring onions
Handful of cucumber cubes
Couple of halved tomatoes
Couple of halved green olives
Dash of Italian herbs

I like to cook the rice and bulgar wheat together in a saucepan of water containing the salt, soy sauce and dissolved stock cube. When they are both ready I drain it by shaking and then leave it to cool. Drain it properly or you risk ending up with something resembling rice pudding. And don't try to hurry up the cooling process by rinsing it with cold water or it could lose the flavour. 

Meanwhile I put together my salad, which is pretty simple. Once the bulgar wheat and rice mixture has cooled down I place it on top of the salad, then afterwards sprinkle with Italian Herbs. 

Do you like bulgar wheat? What's one of your favourite salads to take to work? 


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  1. Ohh this looks nice, I've never tried bulgar wheat! I might try this out. My new job doesn't have a cafe and it kills me... i hate having to be prepared haha xx


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