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29 May 2015

The Linkables

I love an inspirational quote but I still laughed at this video.  

For any business blogger pals: building your dream mailing list

I haven't managed to make it to the DJCAD degree show since 2012 but here's a recap from Christina and Helen

So this is totalllly not safe for work and maybe a bit personal, but it's an issue a lot of women have dealt with and this is the only article I've seen on it: you vagina is not too 'tight', it's society which is the issue.  

I'm a big supporter of the 5 Love Languages and this article reinforces why they're important

Looking for a new TV show? Buzzfeed has you covered.

The idea of being a boss terrifies me, but that's okay

Ireland voted yes to equal marriage last weekend, with some people flying home especially for it

Bisexuality has been documented in many animals but biphobia only exists in humans. 10 animals who are proudly bisexual

A cancer survivor designs the cards she wished she had received while she had the disease. 

There's an anti-austerity march on the 20th of June in Glasgow. 

The ever fabulous Ruth has introduced me to a fabulous new jewellery company.

Also new onto my jewellery radar is Dundee based Jane Gowans,who is a bit out of my price range but she also has a lovely blog to read through written by her in-house employee Ann Russell.

Listen to my girl Charlotte chat about blogging (and give yours truly a mention) on the RGU feminism radio.

Staying on the topic of Charlotte, her and my other girl Hayley have put together a bloggers book club

I'm still feeling deflated about the fact that foxhunting could realistically come back, but apparently some Scottish hunts have been ignoring the law anyway.

I've always found Game of Thrones difficult to watch because, you know, rape and such. But apparently there a lot more rape in the books

UK Veg Gardeners is a thing that I need to join.

A shopping site that I've been loosing a lot of time to and might cost me quite a bit of my paycheck: Yumbles, full of indie food companies.

And, finally, if you're in Aberdeen I'm planning to stop by the Granite-City Comic Con on Saturday. 

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  1. Wooooooooooo thanks for the double shout out! So many great links this week, off to put my packing off by reading them xxx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels


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