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Skincare for when my skin gets a bit dry

skincare for oily skin when dry

My skin is what can be described as oily and spot prone. However, every now and then it can take a bit of a beating with dehydrated patches showing up. On the day to day I use a cleanser suited to oily skin (Lush Herbalism and the Merumaya are particular favourites) which I keep in my shower. However in the evening (when I'm not groggy like I am at 7am) I like to take a proper look at my skin and decide what it's needing, and if it's looking like it could be softened up a bit then these are the three products I reach for. 

First off, we have the Beauty Balm by Lyon's Leaf which I have already reviewed here. This is by far my favourite product to reach for when my skin is looking a bit parched. It's a balm which you massage into your skin and then wash off with a flannel. It's very gentle, so much that I can use it around my eye area to remove make-up and it doesn't sting (my eyes are prone to a bit of stinging!).

Second up, is a fairly new addition to my collection the Cleansing Milk from Skin Blossom. This is the easiest and quickest to use out of these cleansers and is quite refreshing on the skin, however it's one that I use when my skin is only slightly dry. The product was £7 from a health store in Glasgow and whilst it is nice it has a very cheap smell to it. I use it when I need something quick and I feel it's going to be a nice light cleanser to use during summer when I don't want anything too heavy. 

Lastly, I have the RE9 Cleanser from Arbonne. This is actually an anti-ageing product and whilst I'm not worried about wrinkles at this age, anti-ageing products are good when you need some moisture. I only use this during the winter as it's far too heavy to use during summer. It is an expensive product however the product does have a very luxurious feel to it. It's also a product which foams up a lot, if that's your jam. 

If you have oily skin do you have products on stand by for dry patches? Or if you have dry skin what are your favourite skincare products? 
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