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More than flour & milk: having fun with pancakes

Happy Pancake day! And you know what that means? An excuse for cooking! And celebrating something! Two of my favourite things to do!

I spent tonight making my (vegan) pancakes which I teamed with banoffee (essentially toffee sauce and mashed up banana) and it got me thinking about how much I would hate to eat a plain pancake and all the options available in the world of pancake fillings. 

I think we've established that I don't really do plain. Food is no exception. I'm always throwing spices or herbs into everything. Ask my what my favourite food is and I struggle - but ask me what my favourite flavours are and my mouth waters. Condiments, sauces, herbs, spices and powders make up about 70% of my food collection. It's the most exiting part. 

I did start a Pancake Day board on Pinterest but it only got two pins. One of them was a macademia pancake which is only slightly above a plain pancake but the other was a ricotta pancake. A ricotta pancake? Oh wowzee. If I wasn't on a dairy ban I'd have been nabbing that one up! 

If you're still to make today's pancakes then add more into that mix than just flour and milk (or eggs). It can by anything you like. I used to add shredded coconut to my pancakes. Today I added banana and toffee sauce. How about some passion fruit? Or stilton? French fries? Or beef if you eat meat? Seafood? You only live once so why not make prawns and pancakes!

Go have fun and eat whatever you fancy with your pancake. I don't want any plain pancakes out there!

Lots of pancake experimenting love!

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