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Amie Skincare: Morning Clear Wash & Morning Dew Moisturiser

Amie Skincare via Beauty without the Beasts*

Just before the end of last year Beauty Without the Beasts sent out a request for anyone wanting to review three of their skin care ranges. I jumped on it and they selected me to one of the people to review the Amie range which I selected as it is meant for oily skin. I'm big on skincare and I am always on the look out for products that might be the holy grail for my spotty skin.

First off this is a fully natural product which is a huge selling point for me (we knew that though?) and was created by a mum for her daughter who couldn't use harsh perfumes and the like. I don't have sensitive skin but I've always found that natural products have always kept my 'teenage' skin in its place more so than, say, anything from the Clean & Clear range. Even though it's rare for perfumed and non-natural products to cause irritation I did notice that this felt very soft on my skin when applying it and caused no redness after washing (which can happen). At first use the softness of the wash felt really weird as it a cream which I'm not used to and had no form of exfoliators in it, which again is different from most products suited to oily skin. 

The facial moisturiser was also similar when I first used it. Really creamy which was surprising for a matte-finish moisturiser. But it certainly did leave a matte but a super soft skin effect - an amazing balance! The moisturiser was definitely more of a hit for me - the facial wash was good but not groundbreaking. However the only thing that would be stop me from buying this with my own money is that there is no SPF. I don't think I've ever reviewed anything suncare based so you might not be aware that I take sun protection ultra seriously - if like me you have some kind of scar on your face (or any skin that is a bit thinner than the rest of it) then using SPF daily is one of the best things you can ever do for minimising it. 

As for the condition of my skin I found that it made my skin really baby soft. I've said before that my skin has a lot of natural softness but I like to use moisturisers to make it absolutely beautifully soft and these products have definitely delivered that. As for breakouts their occurrence remained similar to normal and I've seen not much change either way. 

Overall the facial wash was really soothing to use but as I seen little change to my break out levels I'll just say it was okay. Not terrible but nothing worth shouting about, however the moisturiser ticked so many boxes aside from that SPF one. I tell no lie when I say that using an SPF was one of the best decisions I ever made for my skin - it calmed redness down as none of it was now being brought on by sun damage and my operation scar (my right cheek bone if you want to really stare) went from you could see it if my skin went red for some reason (sunburn!) or you looked at me from the correct angle to other people only spotting it if I pointed it out. If it wasn't for that I would seriously look into re-purchasing it. 

* These products were sent to me for free by Beauty and the Beasts for review.
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