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V-Day gifts for my (imaginery) boyfriend

I've spoken about my love for Halloween. And all the effort I put into Christmas presents. And the Eurovision party I plan every year. But another holiday that I absolutely love that I haven't give much blog space to is Valentine's Day.

Mainly because I have been single during the entire time of this blog existence.

But that doesn't mean I don't love the 14th of February, and if I did have a special man in my life he'd get spoiled rotten! I'm not one for cheesy gifts most of the year (listen up ideal man: my birthday is for practical gifts) but with Valentine's I think something a tad cheesy is perfectly acceptable.

And because it looks like I'll be single on V-Day 2013 I'm gonna let you have my ideas. Because I'm kind like that! 

Product Details:
I Love You Bean -  Not On The Highstreet
Fold & Play Card - Urban Outfitters
I Love you every Day, Today I just decided to Reinforce It - Paper Society Co.
You Are My Lobster Print - Not On The Highstreet
USB Cufflinks -
Record Player -
I Think You Are more Perfect Than Helvetica - Tumblr Picture

Happy Valentine's whether you're sharing it with someone or rocking it single!

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