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How I Looked: Bonnie Bling & a Black Dress

I first found out about Bonnie Bling through Claire's blog (I have discovered so many indie brands through her blog) and first mentioned the company on my own blog as part of my Christmas gift guide for redheads and gingers. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their jewellery since then but couldn't decided. The ginger necklace I never bought for myself as I am more red/auburn and not even natural so obviously it would have been fraudulent to wear. Then there was the Aberdonian slang necklaces that I loved but us Doric quines may as well speak Martian to the rest of Scotland so a FIT necklace would just make me look arrogant in Glasgow.

Then I spotted the release of the Ecosse necklace on their Facebook page and just knew I needed it in my life! So I bought it. And debuted it (yes, debuted it) on a trip back to Dundee last week.

Needless to say I love it. Anyway on to the rest of the outfit.

It's not usual to see me in an outfit that is 80% black but it's not too normal to work an outfit around a necklace either. When I rocked up to Dundee in this number my friend said to me "What is with the black? You're usually colourful!" which pretty fair enough if you consider that I graduated in a pink neon dress.

I am trying to introduce more subtle pieces into my wardrobe as I have so many accessories and bits of smaller clothing adorned with lovely patterns and sparkly bits but would clash with my main clothing items, which also have bold colours, lovely patterns and sparkly bits. You see my dilemma? I'm trying to balance it all out so there aren't beautiful scarfs that go unworn anymore. It's economical, see?

I had originally tried this dress on in Primark about two weeks earlier searching for a smart black dress for work (to pair with a leopard print blazer) but decided against it because it was floaty and really wasn't work attire. But went straight back to buy it for this necklace ensemble. It also has some lace detailing across the back of my shoulders which is a lovely touch but the jacket (which I have owned for about a year from New Look) covers it in this situation.

I first spotted these style of shoes in a Fleurdeforce video and I really wasn't sold. They were the type of clothing that when you see by themselves you think "who would wear that?" but when I spotted them worn and styled on someone else (I believe it was this picture of Nubby, Gala and Kat) I decided I did really 'need' a pair. 

But be warned - I bought these in a rush as the clock was ticking for my Dundee trip so didn't shop around. These Primark babies aren't comfortable so search out a different pair. My feet were killing after the nightclub (okay so I did jump about and do air guiter on the floor, but shhhhh, it was all the shoe!) and ended up sitting down in the ground outside as people said their drunken goodbyes to each other (classy lady that I am).

Morag x
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