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31 January 2015

January Playlist

January Playlist - Scottish lifestyle blog

Hits Me Like a Rock - CSS
Latch - Disclosure ft Sam Smith
Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac
The Wire - Haim
Don't Go - Hothouse Flowers
You Held the World in Your Arms - Idlewild
Time - Jungle
To Have and To Have Not - Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards
Don't Make Me Go - Off With Their Heads
Floorboards - Real Friends
Cat Fancy - Tacocat
Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude
Moaning Lisa Smile - Wolf Alice

Open on Spotify

30 January 2015

The Linkables

I'm still playing Ingress and Pinterest has some great Ingress themed stuff.

A female cosplayer takes on the issue of 'Cosplay is not Consent'.

Speaking of cosplay, I'm hoping to do so for the first time later this year and just set up my profile on Cosplay Island.

And I've been doing research on famous cosplayers...obviously That Vegan Cosplayer is my favourite so far.

15 SEO myths to forget in 2015.

Another blog to add to my small list of feminist-friendly fitness blogs: Fit is a Feminist Issue.

Men should never grope women, even gay men.

32 bisexual women who are in relationships with men talk about bi-erasure.

I've always been in awe of Betty's hair...and she's sharing her secrets (you know that thing about how hair can change you? That's what red hair dye does to me).

I'm not going to lie that my main reason for wanting to visit Vegas is the Britney residency.

I'm not all that much a fan of beards...but coloured beards I definetly am a fan of!

Somehow I missed the news last year that in the same week of June The American Medical Association decided that transgendered people should be able switch the sex on their birth certificate (without surgery) and that cheerleading is most definitely a sport! (I've got a big cheesy on my grin as I add this link!)

On the topic of cheer there's an article that caused a bit of a stir which illustrates a point I've been making for years (as a former cheerleader - albeit amateur) cheerleading itself is not an issue, the way it is portrayed in the media is.

If you're relationship is getting a bit 'samey' how about creating a date jar?

I don't play Magic the Gathering but a friend informed me that they've introduced a trans character

10 incredibly weird apps you can download.

Hayley's blog is now three years old and this is what she's learned.

Charlotte talks us through her experience of learning to drive.

Charlotte also offers TV show recommendations. (just go follow her in general).

I've known for ages that default Blogger title formats weren't SEO friendly and I finally got round to doing something about it this week. (Here's another format and here's another).

A hilarious article from News Thump (that I almost fell for): Eastenders to become first 'horror soap'.

A brilliant - but still serious - letter on the Onion from a mum who won't vaccinate her children.

9 things you never noticed about the American Horror Story pilot episode.

I actually loved 00's fashion.

I work in the utility sector and voted yes but thought the energy sector would be hard to split up, but Scotland might get more powers on that matter. (A paywall might come up)

Reasons we still need feminism. (trigger warning for stalking)

More reasons we still need feminism (because remember ladies if a man doesn't respect you it's something you're doing not because, you know, he's an arsehole).

A Kickstarter game that I would so support but doesn't ship to the UK. (American readers...).

An amazing geek themed Etsy shop I found recently (but, again, American).

I don't read Problogger all that much (the advice seems quite Ameircan-centric) but I liked this post on blogging and privacy (written by a mummy blogger with a famous husband!).

26 January 2015

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set

Pacifica is a brand that has been making their way onto my blog quite a few times in the past year. So when I found the Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar gift set under my tree this Christmas I was certainly a happy girl. 

24 January 2015

Cruelty-free cleaning // EcoEgg Laundry Egg

Ecoegg Laundry egg

There comes a time in every 20-something life when they realise they have become their parents.

For me this moment came when I decided to write this blog post raving about a product which is not lipstick or a new skirt, but laundry detergent.

23 January 2015

The Linkables

Here's a Google shopping result for t-shirts with that slogan on it. 

The reason why electric cars are becoming more common is a lot to do with the quality of them and the declining price.

A ranking of countries based on how common having a female boss is within their borders (the progressive western country that is the UK is at 41 - embarassing!) 

Please tell me you've already seen this? If Hermoine was the main character in Harry Potter.

Nixie Pixel talks through her favourite Android apps (from two years ago)

Check out who has been shortlisted for the Sexual Health Awareness Awards.

The conversation we really need to be having about female ejaculation. (NSFW)

On the topic of women's health, periods can get heavy and can get in the way of many things (and is still not taken seriously as a health issue).

Here's a pre-made blog planner on Amazon.

A great ASMR YouTuber I found this week is Heather Feather.

I don't share much writing from my work blog however I thought this recent one on consumers having more influence than the government in making utility companies behave themselves was worth a share. 

We've all read the self-development guides that travel makes you more well-rounded, but does it really?

Remember to vaccinate your kids

19 really important lessons I leant from my ex (also one of the best relationship advice posts I've read)

A introduction to people who identify as non-binary (in the Daily Record - well this is progress!)

If you're looking for a cruelty-free make-up artist then my girl Hailey has now set up her website.

If you're a dude (probably not, I only know of one guy who reads my blog and he's a close friend) or lean towards home decor that don't look like Pinterest here's a quick blog post on how to decorate a room in a mature and stylish but masculine way.

Perfectly timed photos from the streets of China.

There's a vegetarian shoe shop in Brighton!

And for something political - if you're into animal welfare (which would be most of my readers) then you should be aware what the tories have been up to.

A reminder that Labour aren't really all that different to the Tories.

On the subject of Labour this made me laugh because it's the same 'vote Labour to keep the Tories out' drivel (the comments are good).

Annnnd, some notes on the Green Surge.

If you're Scottish and looking for a fashion internship then this might be of interest.

An Etsy shop with song lyrics prints.

A beauty treatment I'm not sure I can get behind (NSFW)

It's been on my to-do list to read the Babysitter Club books which I missed (i.e. they weren't my primary school's library) but in the mean time here's some storylines which were actually ridiculous.

There's a Fox Village (!) in China.

If you'd rather play a game or marathon watch a TV show than do any form of exercise, maybe these fandom inspired workouts will do the trick. (Here's the Buffy one)

Some advice on finding a new job when you already work a full-time one.

I've thinking of (probably definitely) doing cosplay this year for the first time and this Cosplay Class on YouTube has been helpful (or just for general fancy dress purposes).

21 January 2015

New Year's Eve at The Dyce Tandoori

dyce tandoori aberdeen

Remember I said on new years day that one of my goals was too chill out this year? I like to think this post is a reflection that I am doing just that. Twenty-one days into 2015 I am writing about my very final restaurant experience of 2014 (and I still have another Edinburgh restaurant to blog about from the year that was) and not getting all Type-A on myself by insisting that it needs to be up within a week because then my blog wouldn't be organised and punctual. Justttt chilling.

19 January 2015

Faith in Nature 40th Anniversary Shower Gels

faith in nature shower gels cruelty-free

I've always loved water and as a result I always look forward to my daily shower (and my weekly swim, and the odd bath) and I like to make an effort to make it something. Obviously at 7am I'm still half asleep and sometimes I'd rather be in bed but a simple way I make it a luxurious experience is to have a selection of shower gels to choose from that morning depending on my mood.

18 January 2015

From veganuary to veganism, when I made the permanent switch

veganuary vegan life magazine

A year ago I gave veganuary a bash. It was a new campaign at the time and I actually started it a few days late but as I hadn't eaten much cheese yet that year I decided to that I could pretend I started it on the first. In fact, cheese was the only non-dairy food still in my diet, aside from by-products or non-obvious non-vegan products.

16 January 2015

The Linkables

I'm a former waitress and I still encourage everyone to tip (unless the service was rubbish, then don't tip) and Americans this is a handy *tip* to improve your tip. 

Whenever you've felt like an outsider, remember that a lot of insiders feel like outsiders

If you're still a student and struggling remember every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. If they can do it, so can you. (This is basically a studying advice post but has links and advice I would have never thought about, including a new favourite app of mine Coffitivity). 

Glasgow is getting a roller rink

Sinead shows us the first dress she's sewn this year

I go in and out of gaming and it takes a lot for a game to hold my attention - but my friend was playing Ingress and (after mocking him for a bit) I'm now altering my walk to work to find more portals (but I joined the Enlightened side just to be different and annoying). 

As much as I love blogging, reading, cooking, swimming et al I'm also a big fan of taking time out to partake in nothing.  

I'm yet to watch Pitch Perfect but this is pretty solid dating advice

Hipster Spinster has a small but fabulous range of homewares

The CF Bloggers Chat are trying to organise meet-ups in the UK, if you're interested tweet us with your location (Glasgow is already looking likely - and there's possibly a Lush store getting involved). 

14 January 2015

Recently Read

thomas harris stephen dubnet steven levitt cat boyd jenny morrison

Since I fit the stereotype of a bookworm - introverted, fond of accurate spelling, a writer/blogger, have close friends who love to read -  people regularly assume it's a hobby I partake in, but I actually don't read all that often. In fact, according to my GoodReads account, I only read four books during 2014.

12 January 2015

Cruelty-free products from Sainsbury's

sainsbury's phil smith cruelty free

In high end stores such as House of Frasers or Debenham so many brands are in China or owned by a company who is. Then on the high street Boots is questionable and Superdrug is great, but does have a testing parent company. However a very overlooked location to go looking for cruelty-free products in the UK is our supermarkets. Morrison's, Co-op and Sainsbury's all carry the Cruelty Free International accreditation; the latter of which I recently bought some toiletries from whilst I was down in East Kilbride (for a bit of trampoline bopping - they have a massive Sainsbury's beside it).

10 January 2015

4 years.

bloggiversary scottish lifestyle blogger

Birthdays are always a special time. I always hold a party for mine even if I grudge any increase to my age. I'm bigger on buying presents for birthdays rather than Christmas, with me and my friends buying each other for the first but rarely for the latter. Growing up I always tried to make my parents do something for my childhood dog's birthday (even if we didn't know her actual date of birth...I chose the 10th of September regardless) but they refused, reminding me she was a dog and didn't understand.

9 January 2015

The Linkables

Credit: OhHay!

Today - yes, today - Shelter in Morningside is selling Prada

This week on Buzzfeed there was an picture-list on Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments. It is an average list but I could remember, even as a young kid, as finding these specific scenes oddly satisfying (but could never explain why). In the comments it was brought up that if you did you probably had ASRM.

Which lead onto a massive Google...

Some of the best description of ASRM I've found has been from Steven Novella (recommended by a skeptic friend with the words "If he thinks it exists then it's legit") and the best YouTube channel I've found roleplaying common triggers is Olivia's Kissper ASMR. (I realise half you will think this is bonkers).

Also on Buzzfeed we had a look at what Victoria Beckham wore in the mid-2000's (I can remember a lot of these outfits). 

My pal Lis has put together a guide on what the new EU VAT laws mean for UK-based indie musicians (her 'grown-up job' is writing for a law magazine). 

I shared the brilliant feminist/body image activist Melissa A Fabello's YouTube channel last year. But she didn't update much after I found it. Looks like she's started up again.

What happened in Paris this week was atrocious, but Islamaphobia is also atrocious. This article and this article remind us of a few things. (the last cartoon in the second one made my stomach turn)

I found a blog that also runs a series called Linkables (and it's a blog that explores the Midwestern states so, duh, it's my thing). 

Over on the West Side in Seattle there's a new law against throwing food in the wast bin

There's a show in America called Tiny House Hunters

The story of the real Lolita. (Comes with trigger warnings)

India elects it's first transgendered mayor

This is how you do a dog obituary. 

In defence of age-gap relationships.

Climate change news: 80% of fossil fuels need to stay in the ground (a quick Google shows loads and loads of science/environmental news sites sharing this).

The 'militarization of fitness' - such as bootcamps - isn't a good thing

Pictures of really famous people before they (well, most of them) were famous at their prom

Netflix plans to clamp down on users' attempts to dodge its regional restrictions

P.S. Today is my 4th blogging anniversary, soppy post due tomorrow. 

7 January 2015

Introducing my food, drink and indie shopping map of Scotland

A little blog trend I've spotted over the past year has been bloggers creating maps of their favourite places to eat, drink and shop (or anything else) in their chosen city. One of the questions I frequently get asked is where I like to eat in some of the places I know well, especially by other vegetarians/vegans. So I thought as a new 'feature' for 2015 I would created my own map where I visually round-up all my reviews (plus a few other cheeky mentions).

5 January 2015

Make 2015 the year you start a blog

My outfit round-up from my first year of blogging. 

This week will mark my four year blogging anniversary. Having a blog has enriched my life in so many ways from the amazing people I've met and finally discovering a hobby that I was passionate about.

Whilst I do not consider myself an authority on the subject and there is lots of blogging advice going around, I have quite a few non-blogging friends who I know would like to make the start so I thought I'd get a small post up to help absolute beginners get going in 2015. I'm not going to discuss anything too technical, more just some pointers if you're just starting out.

2 January 2015

The Linkables

I've bought myself a Filofax and I've been staying up late on Pinterest to ogle some organisation pr0n. This Pinterest board has caught my fancy. (I first bought a Filofax in 2010 and the same thing happened back then).

I'm been wasting time making my way through this Slayage: The International Journal of Buffy Studies.

Out of all the 2014 re-cap posts, this one from National Collective is my favourite.

Why not try Veganuary this January?

What if we didn't sexually shame our daughters?

If you're thinking on getting organised in 2015, here's round up of some popular planners.

I love Cate's fandom resolutions for 2015.

Headline news in Coventry: someone stealing a vibrator from Ann Summers.

15 things Back to the Future told us we'd have by 2015.

A collection of #FeministNewYearResolutions.

There's been a lot of woopla about a black man possibly playing James Bond. For those of you unconvinced its a good idea here are 9 reasons why it would be! (And to remind the people saying JB should always be Scottish - only one actor has been Scottish and for people saying he should always be British - two non-British actors have played him.)

The best vegetables to grow indoors.

Everything Etsy should be on the RSS Feed of Etsy shop owners and Etsy shoppers.

Why skinny-shaming isn't the same as fat-shaming.

A run-down of the Scottish punk scene in 2014.

An extra talks about the time 10 Things I Hate About you was filmed at her school.

An interview with Chris Rock on racism, Obama and class systems.

Some advice on creating a gallery wall in your own home.

15 reasons Scotland should be on your bucket list.

If your New Years Resolution is to create your own zine, then here's a quick tutorial.

I've always wanted a lake (dreaming big here) and if it had a ballroom underneath that would a cheery on top.

Treating your lover the same way you would treat your alter.

On the silencing of trans women of colour.

Is living in separate houses the best thing for you and your partner?

Do you remember that time Smith from SATC was in a UK Areos advert?

And, Halloween impressions with Kevin Spacey.

Morag x

1 January 2015

2015, personal wellness and my Filofax.

Anyone who knows me and has read my blog for any reasonable amount of time, will know that I love resolutions and goals (and that I'm fairly good at keeping them!). But anyone who read yesterday's post will also know that because I have now have more adult responsibilities (compared to when I first started blogging) I'm planning to reign it in so I can also relax and enjoy life a bit more.