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27 October 2014

Some more Pacifica poducts

Pacifica uk coconut kiss alight purify

Pacifica is a smaller brand from across the Atlantic which has a few bit and bobs available in the Glasgow Whole Foods and is no stranger to my blog. Early in September I sang a massive rave to their perfumes and then a month later I gave an acceptable thumbs up to their Solar Palette. There's a few other bits and bobs I've picked up along the way which I'll be reviewing today however despite favourable reviews for other products from the range these three products are getting the thumbs down.

Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter

I picked this up thinking it would provide a natural looking lip tint for me to wear to work however, despite a slight gloss, it's virtually invisible on. It also doesn't provide much moisture either. However it does smell really nice and reminds me of Victoria Sponge, but given that it says coconut I don't think it's meant to smell of cake...

Pacifica Alight Multimineral BB Cream

I'll say up front that I'm not a massive BB cream fan and prefer a full foundation. This product however did remind me of the That Gal primer by Benefit which was one of my favourite products before becoming cruelty-free but alas the staying power of this Pacifica product is nowhere near as long. I sometimes use it to give my skin a pick me up (I sometimes use it as my netball make-up) and give some gentle shimmer to my cheek bones for a night out, however I overall can't rave about it and whilst I'll finish it I doubt I'll repurchase.

Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

These smell gorgeous and remind me of being on a holiday in a hot climate. However my raving stops there (aside from the packaging cause I love that) because when it comes to actually removing make-up I don't think they do the job. They also tingle around the eyes which a lot of face wipes do but I can name quite a few that don't. My favourite face wipes are still the B Cosmetics ones.

Have you tried anything from the Pacifica range? Do you think any of these products sound like something you might still try? 

Morag x

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