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Etsy // Halloween

An Etsy bought part of this year's costume.

I'm aware that I'm cutting this post very close with Halloween now only this coming Friday. However I decided to still post some of my favourite creepy finds from Etsy anyway, because even if you can't get it shipped to you in time (it's mostly American, and most of you guys are British) there's always next year, or screw calender norms and use these pieces proudly no matter the time of year.


The most important part of my snake-themed costume was purchased from Etsy (no prizes for guessing my costume this year) and here is the sparkly version from the same shop as well as another item which is similar. I'm also loving these skeleton hair clips as well as these sparkly versions. These bat hair clips are also up my street and these cleaver knife hair clips are cute in a creepy kind of way.

Around the home

We all know I love a candle, and I've been spying up some Halloween themed ones. My personal favourites have been this Zombie Repellent and Wolf Moon Candle which comes from a shop owner in Salem of all creepy places (check out both shops for more creepy candles). Also don't forget to add this pumpkin cushion to your sofa for the fall period. I'd also drink my tea from this creepy mug all year round (and maybe this one too). If you're classy and drink out of glasses here are some bat decals and some creepy labels so your guests know what they're drinking. Finally, here are some rats decals for your stairs and if you're looking for some new art work for your living room here are some blood spatter canvasses.


I love myself some statement rings so it's no surprise that I'd wear this rib cage ring all year round, as well as this skull and cross bones ring. I also had my eyes on this snake ring and this snake ring for my costume this year, and I've had this batman ring on my wishlist for a while. Though this vampire nail shield ring and this zombie dinner plate ring would be exclusively for Halloween. As maybe this eye ring would be too. If you're more of an earring person then I suggest these cleaver knife earrings, as well these rustic snake earrings I almost bought. The shop DustyRemnants has a great selection but my favourite was this poison bottle necklace. I'm keeping my Medusa costume neutral with bits if green colour wise but if you wanted to go as a funky Medusa I'd recommend these. I also almost bought this Medusa necklace. PamelaGriceArt has some amazing pieces but this moth necklace reminds me of one of my favourite scary movies, Silence of the Lambs.

Party ideas

If you're looking for pre-designed party packs I really like the graphic design of this party kit, as well as this one and this one as well. You could also use this Boo card for inviting people or if you have a friend who's birthday falls on Halloween. For entertainment there is Halloween bingo as well as this fantastic sugar skull pinata. For your baking here are some bat cake toppers as well as some glow in the dark ghost toppers. And don't forget to send your guests home with cake inside some pumpkin party bags


On the night of Halloween night itself remember to put a pumpkin outside but if like me the idea of carving one is a drain of energy, then maybe you'll love this fabric one as much as I did. This black cat wreath is also allows guisers (or Treak or Treaters) to know that you're in the spirit without scaring little kids. Or you could even get yourself a Maleficient wreath


If not much of the above stands out I have a few extra pieces. Firstly I recommend this brain clutch if you want an extra for your zombie costume. If you're a vampire I recommend these fake nails dripping with blood. If you're a keen crocheter and fancy making your own outfit here is a fox hat pattern to give a bash. However if you're not willing to crochet but think your a dab hand with cardboard this shop sells instructions on making a variety of masks.  If you're a mac owner then how about adding a reaper decal for the October period.

I'm sorry this is cut so close, but have you spotted anything for next year? What are your favourite Etsy shops? 

Morag x

P.S. It's not Etsy however it still is independent but is how awesome is this cleaver clutch bag? 

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