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Arliss Nancy

arliss nancy new look gig outfit 2

I am absolutely useless with blog titles when it comes to outfit posts so I'm going with the band that I wore this outfit to go see. Arliss Nancy are a Colorado punk-country band I've been a fan of for a while and I was through in Dundee to see them last week. They were as perfect live as I wanted and I think you should all go have a listen, and I think it was superb that they chose bands from the (very strong) local Dundee music scene to open for them

arliss nancy new look gig outfit 1
The outfit itself is what I would consider a simple gig outfit - comfy and still shows off my former emo-kid tendencies in a more adult fashion. The outfit is almost all New Look and was bought that day as I only got paid on the Friday when I was travelling through to Dundee so grabbed my Saturday night outfit whilst out shopping on Saturday afternoon (along with hair dye, half the Lush shop and a new nail polish). The bag and the jacket are both Primark and the shoes are obviously Vans, all of which I have owned a while.

arliss nancy gigoutfit new look

As most people will know I like to buy as much of my clothes from independent shops as possible, which obviously fell through with this outfit (though my ring is from Maggie's Farm but was bought whilst I still lived in Dundee myself). Mainly it was because I got paid only the weekend I was in Dundee itself (where my friend who is most willing to stand around playing photoshoot lives!) and didn't have the time to be raking through charity shops (which are slightly rarer in the city centre of Dundee compared to Glasgow). Knowing I had to hit the high street I picked up this outfit from New Look with a quick look in H&M as well knowing that these two shops - whilst not perfect - have better ethical reputations than their other high street counterparts.

arliss nancy gig out new look
Whilst boy-cotting Primark is difficult whilst on a graduate income I do try my best to avoid it and - writing on the internet so I can be held accountable - I'm deciding that I only want to buy work clothes from there going forward. All casual, sports and evening clothes will be bought from other stores, mainly independent but if I have to go high street then it will be New Look or H&M (I think M&S doesn't have a bad rep either but it's a bit pricier).

arliss nancy gig outfit new look 3

As for my face, I went for a bold lip with my Daniel Sandler Valentina lipstick - which is one of my favourites but I have to be in the correct mood to wear it. It's a plum purple with a hint of red coming through and the quality is one of the best I've tried. I bought this lipstick prior to my vegan transition so I can't say if it's a vegan lippy as I am yet to look into it, though the company are cruelty-free. I'm also wearing my brand new Barry M polish in Chilli however none of these photos show it close up (need to have a word with my photographer haha!).

Now go listen to Arliss Nancy (and their support acts LaChance, Robot Doctors and Broken Stories).

Morag x
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