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Where I get inspiration for Halloween costumes

If you know me personally or have been following this blog over the last few Halloween's (and Eurovisions) then you'll know I take my fancy dress seriously and spend some time brainstorming original costume ideas. I sometimes compare me searching for my Halloween costume to a bride-to-be searching for her wedding dress, and I only stop my search when I get an idea which makes me go "that's the one".

Last year I blogged about my check-list when deciding on a costume and this year I'm going to share where I look for Halloween inspiration.

First off, Pinterest
So obvious, because if you don't use Pinterest for inspiration already then where the hell have you been? Here is my own Pinterest board of fancy dress ideas (and here is my Pinterest board for general Halloween themed fun).

Movies, films, tv
My costume for 2010, 2011 and 2012 were all from films. Think back through all your favourite films and hit up scary film lists to see if there's any characters you can possibly re-create and will be easily recognisable to other people.

Other pop culture sources
Last year, I didn't pick a character from a film but a lady from an iconic album cover. Have a think of other iconic moment in pop culture from musicians to nursery rhymes to comics to games to famous individuals.

Folklore and other fictional works
Urban myths, fairytales, greek mythology, goblins, gods and goddesses. Have a research online and find if there's one predominate enough that you might be able to make an outfit out of.

Vlogger and Blogger tutorials
YouTube and the blogging community is full of inspiration and tutorials for Halloween costumes. My personal favour is Audface (I came up with my Samara costume in 2011 myself but found her channel when looking for inspiration for how to put it together) but Hailey, Catherine and Julia Graf all do tutorials as well (and that's just what I can name off the top of my head - have a search!).

Costume shops
Just like Pinterest, this is an obvious as hell choice. Whilst I am choosing to DIY my costume this year it was seeing a pre-made version of it on Jokers Masquerade which reminded me of the girl I had seen dressed up as it four years ago. And as a tip, small locally owned shops are usually better than the chains.

Other people
As mentioned, my outfit for this year was one I seen a random girl do back in 2010 whilst I was out for that year's Halloween. My Saw puppet costume in 2010 was something I seen on Facebook done by a friend of a someone I randomly went to school with. I'm open about the costumes that weren't my own idea but my tip for directly copying outfits is so never copy outfits from someone you know, or someone who could easily find out you ripped their idea.

Has this helped you pick a costume? Any other places you can suggest to look for inspiration? 

Morag x
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