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Lush Let The Good Times Roll cleanser

Lush let the good times roll

I mentioned this products just yesterday in my September Favourites video (I would link however I tried to add one annotation to the video and the quality skydived, I'm looking into it right now) but today I am putting up a full review on my blog for a little bit more detail.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of the Lush cleansers, one that I had my eye on for some time due to its incredible smell (it's like rolled oat cookies) but had put off as it's meant for drier skin types whereas I have oilier skin. However, last time I was in Lush just after payday I was in need of a cleanser and as I like to switch them up (biggest skin tip: your skin can get used to certain cleansers so try switching it up now and then) I decided to give it a chance.

And even though I have sometimes been pleasantly surprised by skin and hair products not suited to what mother nature gave me, this is definitely not suited for oily skin types. However, all was not lost and I found something this was really good for.

Instead of using it for my oily face, I ended up using it for drier parts of my body - i.e. my elbows, legs and a patch on the side of my stomach. Let The Good Times Roll exfoliates skin very gently (and I've never found exfoliating good for my face - need something very gentle) which made it much more suited to drier patches which are getting more and more common as autumn slowly creeps in on us.

However I'm not sure I will repurchase this as I can buy body exfoliators for much cheaper and I just don't quite like it enough. But I have liked it enough to include it last months favourites and to enjoy using it whilst I owned it. Herbalism is still - by far - my favourite Lush cleanser but skincare is so objective it's hard to review these things. However if any of my drier skinned followers have tried this I would love to hear their thoughts!

Morag x
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