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Pacifica Perfume

pacifica perfume uk cruelty free blog

pacifica perfume Mediterranean fig

pacifica hawaiian ruby guava

pacifica perfume review island vanilla

If you follow me on some kind of social media account you'll have maybe predicted this glowing review. Pacifica is an American brand I had heard of through the likes of Tashina of Logical Harmony and had been curious since it's 100% vegan and contained a perfume range which is a very difficult product to get cruelty-free let alone vegan.

I had however passed it off as a brand that I would have to purchase when my parents wanted to lovingly treat me to a trip to the States (or pay ridiculous amounts in shipping) however on my first trip to Wholefoods in Glasgow I discovered that in fact some of the Pacifica is available here in the UK.

It's not the whole range that is available however I was able to try out most of their perfumes, some make-up and I also found some make-up remover wipes. (Note: the products are not all lumped together in one stand - perfume is with general perfume and I randomly found the face wipes whilst looking for body wash). I picked up a wide range of stuff but even after having tried the products I'm still the most excited by the perfumes!

I currently own five of their perfumes (I can see this number increasing) and picked them up in a variety of sprays, roll-ons and solid perfume tubs. In general, the perfumes are 'summer scents' and the type of thing that might be a nice cheaper perfume to pick up for a holiday. The scent I've been wearing the most has been French Lilac which is a gentle floral scent - which all my favourite perfumes are! I've also been wearing a lot of Island Vanilla which is the gentlest of all the scents I own with a very delicate vanilla smell and is one I have been putting on for work as it ins't too over-powering for the office. Those are both in roll-on form and the final one in that kind of packaging is Mediterranean Fig whose smell reminds me of being in Majorca but I can't quite explain why. I really like it and I think it's the perfect summer scent but I don't think it would be appropriate for winter or work. The solid perfume I picked up is a slightly peculiar scent Waikiki Pikake which uses jasmine and sandalwood and smells like a cross-over between a fruity scent and a musky scent but is still very delicate. Finally I also have the Hawaiian Ruby Guava which I bought as a spray and is a very fruity scent and maybe isn't for everyone. Like the Mediterrenean Fig I do like it however I would be picky as to when I wear it - and would reserve it for holidays and summer BBQs.

In terms of longevity I put my perfume on at 8am and I would say 11am is when I usually realise I need to reapply. The roll-ons have been my favourite type as they're easy to slip into my hand bag but sprays are good for spritzing onto clothes (I'm not a big fan of solid perfumes in general). They're also all less than £20 with the roll-ons being the cheapest clocking in at £12.

I own a few other Pacifica products which I hope to review within the coming weeks but the perfumes have been the highlight so far. My review and the general branding of the company has suggested that everything is quite summery - the name Pacifica conjures up images of the Pacific Ocean and its islands whilst a few product names make reference to Hawaii. If you're away somewhere hot over the Autumn (or further down the line) I'd say picking up a Pacifica perfume for that climate would be perfect!

Morag x
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