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The Linkables

Wow! Archbishop of Centerbury admits doubts about existence of God.

Dundee's Ickle Film Festival started yesterday.

30 photos of untouched butts to remind you of what they look like. (NSFW, clearly)

25 famous women on not having children.

For intersectionality geeks: the intersection between Native Americans and veganism

And in the natural and mineral dog shampoo market we have Scruffy Chops.

Kids being visibly unimpressed by Obama.

Animals who are voting yes in the Scottish Referendum.

I link something from Everyday Feminism every week and I've read plenty of great stuff since my last non-IndyRef Linkables but is too much to list so just go subscribe to the site anyway.

Here's an ethical shopping list from my new favourite blog, Kerry's Nerdy Habitat.

Remember that adoption is best for animals.

Cats with cabbage leaves on their heads.

Amanda Palmer responds to the Daily Mail (not in anyway shape or form safe for work)

Christy has created her map of things to do in Aberdeen.

See me Scotland has created a mental health playlist on Spotify.

Flower of Scotland in British Sign Language.

10 ways to turn your apartment into a cozy fall cabin.

Check out Modern Blitz Girl for some feminist and funky jewellery. She also runs an awesome blog.

Another awesome blog I've found: The Laughing Medusa (tagline 'adventures for urban pixies' - I'll read that)

It's currently Scottish Jewellery Week.

Some ethical footwear: Wills

Look Human has some great t-shirts and cushions, many with feminist undertones.

Seth Green talks about the phone hacking scandel.

Pictures from the national beard and moustache club.

Another great Etsy shop (but for cups) is The Little Vinylsaur.

Container crops to sow in September.

My latest YouTube Channel find is littlecoffeebreak.

And another Etsy find (but this one is British, not like the other two): Aubergine Fox.

I knew about Crafsty but didn't realise they had a gardening section.

A guide to tax and blogging for those of you wanting to earn money through it.

Shockingly enough, fat shaming doesn't encourage weight loss.

Related: let's talk about talking about fat.

Some awesome street art for you to perve over.

A recipe for vegan Bounty bars!

Classic movie changed to not be sexist.

And finallllyyyy, a book on making your cat an internet celebrity.

Morag x
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