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Updates to my cruelty-free brand list

Love Soap

This brand has a website statement than encompasses many ethical themes such as organic ingredients, recyclable packaging and free-from products. They do mention that they don't test on animals however it wasn't a big long statement including issues like China and ingredients. They e-mailed me back quickly however the ingredients question remain un-answered but they did confirm that they only sell directly in the UK and any customers in other countries have to get it shipped. Due to their UK base and the use of natural ingredients I do doubt they have tested ingredients and believe it was an honest mistake to not answer the question. They also confirmed that all their products are vegan suitable.

Added to: cruelty-free (though I understand if others still question them)


Balmology is another UK company which prides itself on natural ingredients. The owner got back to my e-mail quickly and went into depth. She only has stockists within the UK and any overseas customers have to get products shipped. She's currently applying for Soil Association Certification and looking into Leaping Bunny, however this is a small company so everything is moving slowly. Unfortunately most of her products contain beeswax but she has told me that the The Beauty Oil is vegan suitable.

Added to: cruelty-free

Green People

I, and some other cruelty-free bloggers, have assumed Green People are a cf brand due to their Vegan Society accreditation for some time. I only recently got in contact to check and they got back to me with a comprehensive e-mail which included a cut-off date and confirmation that they do not sell in China. All products are vegan par their accreditation.

Added to: cruelty-free and vegan suitable.

White Rabbit

If you're part of the CFBloggersChat you'll be aware of this brand as the owner regularly takes part. Even though I was already convinced it was cruelty-free brand I sent her an e-mail like all brands and she got back to me with a very convincing response. She does use beeswax but I was informed that she is experimenting with plant-based wax with the aim of making it a vegan brand.

Added to: cruelty-free

Dash Skincare

This is a brand that touts natural ingredients but doesn't mention animal testing on their website, which is red-flag. They have also not replied to my e-mail.

Added to: no statement.

Pour Le Monde

This is an American perfume brand which uses natural ingredients but also doesn't have a public animal testing policy. I did e-mail and, as I am used to in these situations, I didn't receive a response.

Added to: no statement

Soap and Glory

There's been discussion about Soap and Glory amongst the cruelty-free community about a change in statement. I can't quite see where this change of wording is (from now on I think I'll snap shot brands website statements for reference) and even though I haven't contacted them myself, Aimee got a good response which she published on her blog.

Remaining on: cruelty-free


I've listed Topshop as a grey area for ages and even though their website statement now reads a bit more clearly, I'm still hesitant to list them as CF as they've given out different statements in the past (read the comments on this post). Do what feels best for yourself - and I won't piss on anyone who uses their products - but I'm personally still avoiding.

Remaining on: ambiguous statement

Have you ever researched these brands? Have something different to add? Let me know!

Morag x

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