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My balcony garden 5 months on

urban balcony garden

thyme urban balcony garden

coriander urban balcony garden

basil urban balcony garden

Pictures in order: 1. Overview. 2. Thyme close-up. 3. Coriander close-up. 4. Basil close-up. 

It's been three months since I posted an update on my balcony garden. Not long after that post I planted 'stage 2' where I added coriander, thyme and basil whilst deciding to finally chuck the rocket which was getting tangled up within itself.

By the time I started this stage I had gotten into the habit of watering the herbs each day so these all grew through reasonably quickly and I was able to make use of them without waiting too long. You might spot from my pictures that the basil isn't looking particularly healthy! This is because I forgot to water them for close to a week and the basil took the hardest hit, but I can assure you that at one point I had a massive bush of basil and was unsure whether the container I had was big enough (I just can't find photographic evidence of this green-fingered goddess-ary!). The thyme didn't look overly thankful at that point either however I was able to save them by picking up a routine for watering them again (thyme limps when not watered but then jumps back up when given water). The coriander was very similar to the rosemary from stage one as it took a bit longer to come through, there's not much of it so can grow in a small container, but is quite a sturdy little herb and difficult to kill.

I don't plan to plant any more herbs before the end of the year - instead I am going to concentrate on working out what I'm meant to do with these herbs over the winter period, and also maybe put some money into buying more containers for next spring. I hope to move onto vegetables next year but I want to do more research on which are easier (I'm imagining lettuce, spinach and anything mainly made up of leaves but I might be wrong) and will require me to buy bigger containers (I'm thinking of going for brackets to hook over my balcony railing).

Morag x

P.S. I don't blog much about my balcony garden however I do post quite a few photos of its progress on my Instagram.
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