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Best Arbonne Products

Favourite Arbonne products

As some of you may know I used to be Arbonne Consultant, which I'm not anymore but I still use some of their products on a regular basis. They are a Leaping Bunny company and certified by the Vegan Society (the American one anyway) however they are also an expensive brand but whilst I was a consultant I got a whopping 35% discount so I managed to make my way quite far through the range (I don't buy much from them now as without the discount they very fall into the 'treating myself' category).

Even though I stopped being a consultant there are a few products that I still love and would seriously consider re-purchasing. I'm no longer a consultant so can now give my un-bias opinion (which will include another post in the future of products I just can't recommend - there are a few!).

Make-up Primer
I've said it before but this is the best primer I've ever tried. Not much you can really say about a primer but it the one I'd recommend over any other one I've tried.

It's a Long Story Mascara
Arbonne already had two mascaras before this one but they weren't all that. It's a Long Story is one of my favourite mascara out there but there are similar quality ones for slightly cheaper.

SeaSource Detoxifying Rescue Wash
I feel so clean after using this. Squeaky clean. I have not much else to say on the matter.

Perfecting Foundation in Fair
This is of a usual standard for foundations in this price range but this shade is the best match I've ever had for my skintone.

Awaken Bath and Shower Gel
I have a range of shower gels that I like to mix up for different moods. This is the one I use when I haven't had as much snoozy time as I would have liked as it perks me up a wee bitty.

Unwind Bath Salts
The Unwind range is the opposite to the Awaken range mentioned above, and when I use these bath salts I find I go into a complete slumber afterwards. They also smell absolutely gorgeous!

RE9 eye cream
This is from the very popular anti-ageing RE9 collection - shockingly enough I don't use anti-ageing products (I did use the whole range for a bit but it made my already oily skin feel greasy!). But I still use the eye cream day and night and see a genuine brightness in my eye area compared to when I don't use it.

Pure Vibrance Hair Revitalizing Masque
Finding a vegan hair masque isn't the easiest thing in the world. But this one does a stellar job of softening my hair and also smells gorgeous!

Essentials Omega 3 Plus
So....not a make-up product. Whilst these are too expensive (even when I had the discount) for me to buy for everyday use I still felt loads better whilst using them. I'm only a supporter of using supplements if you really can't seem to get that particular nutrient naturally and Omega 3 is one I've always struggled with (even before my veggie days before anyone tells me to go eat some fish!).

Have you ever tried any of these products? Or do you have any other favourites from the Arbonne range?

Morag x
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