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Vegan Food Diary #1

When I tell people I'm vegan one of the most common responses is "What do you actually eat?" (just behind "What exactly is a vegan again?"). The question can come from vegetarians wanting to make the switch to the politely curious and then there's arseholes who say it whilst screwing up their face.

I already Instagram far too many of my meals (I'm one of those foodies...) but to go along with all that snapping I've decided to start a 'vegan food diary' series. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to go about this, but I'm thinking I'm going to pick random weeks and write up an honest list of what I ate on the internet to show to people who ask the aforementioned question.

So below is actually what I ate last week starting Monday through to late last night. Please note that I got paid on the Friday so the first five days are my 'making use of what I have food I have' and aren't all that riveting then on the weekend you see it peak with a meal out and some sushi. For future diaries I'll try and mix it up with different financial situations and do ones when I'm at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire (this week contains a weekend in Dundee). I also do most of my eating during the day and when I cook after work most of it becomes the next day's lunch, with a small portion of it being eaten than night (so I've not mentioned what my dinner is on the weekdays).

Anyway, this is (hopefully) everything I ate from Monday 22nd of September until Sunday 28th of September 2014.


Beans and toast with olive spread. A bowl of porridge made with almond milk. Glass of water.

(Repeated every day this week, and I'm not repeating it all the way down the post)

Bagel I baked at the weekend. A wrap with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and Nando's medium hot sauce. Bulgar wheat salad (bulgar wheat, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions). Fanta Fruit Twist. Packet of crisps.


Mushroom and rosemary risotto. Packet of crisps. Bottle of Oasis. BLT wrap using spinach and fake bacon. Packed of crisps.


Sweet and Sour with chickpeas as the 'substitute' plus rice. Same wrap as Tuesday but without the 'B'. Prawn cocktail crisps and a bottle of Oasis Summer Fruits.


Gnocchi with green beans, almonds, garlic, mushroom, sliced onions and cashews with sugar and white wine as the marinade.


Mango stir-fty (wheat noodles, spring onions, garlic, peppers and mango) with a peanut sauce (coconut milk, peanut butter and tomato puree) along with some crisps and a bottle of (you guessed it) Oasis.

Was through in Dundee so grabbed an Indian vegetarian selection from the city centre Tesco Metro outside the bus station and scoffed it down at my friend's house. Also grabbed a bottle of wine and cider (cider was definitely veggie and I never ended up drinking it, I had to take a guess on the wine).

Drank Morgans and Coke when out that night,


Toast. (I was hungover and we were going out for lunch soon, I would never recommend only eating toast for breakfast)

Me and my friend stopped by Pheonix in Dundee where I had a veggie burger (naturally, I'll be dedicating a blog post to this). Also a glass of orange juice.

This stir-fry which I Instragrammed made by my friend who has said he'll send me the sauces he used. It was lovely :)

Drank Morgans and coke and a few bottles of Blue VS at a gig and our brief trip to a nightclub.


Left overs from the Indian selection bought on Friday night. Also toast.

Grabbed a falafel and houmous wrap from Tesco on my way to Dundee bus station. And grabbed a pot of tomato and basil soup from the Sainsbury's outside Buchanan Bus Station to eat when I go into my flat.

Home made sushi (hummus, tomato, spring onion and cucumber). Some of this will be my lunch today along with a small stir-fry I made last night.

And that's what I ate last week, sans the odd snack.

Morag x

P.s. when I say 'crisps' I probably mean either Haggis & Black Pepper by Mackie's (marked out as vegan) or Prawn Cocktail.

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