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The Linkables #IndyRef part 2

Last Friday I dedicated my weekly Linkables series to the referendum. There is so much to read on the topic (I know there's so much more out there to read before Thursday and it's making me nervous!) that I've done another special this Friday. I've also written two blog posts on the matter: my first one being my general story of why I went from a no to a yes, and then another post explaining some other reasons as to why I became a yes voter.

Firstly, let's look at what's going on at Westminster...

And remember to read what is essentially the UK Government's version of the White Paper.

Someone at work brought in Time Magazine cause they knew I'd want to read the feature on the referendum (such a thoughtful person). *Unionist/biased towards no*

Paul Spiker blogs about social policy has touched upon the referendum debate  - it's fair to both sides and I have absolutely no idea which way he is voting.

I'll be in Dundee but there's one final Glasgow takeover this weekend

Apparently the French Greens say yes to independence.

One of the best things I've read this week: 5 reasons the yes campaign is winning.

A somewhat balanced (okay, still yes-leaning) view of the issues surrounding independence which totally speaks my language.

I was brought up in the Orange Order but I'm voting yes.

I've seen someone comment on Facebook (I'm not friends with the person who posted the original status so wasn't able to comment) that Business for Scotland does not include 'real' businesses. I work for a company owned by a very active member of BfS and I can assure you it's a real business with healthy financial accounts and plenty of big name clients. Here is our website.

A guest post on the Engender blog from a female former MSP on why she is voting yes

Another guest post on Engender from a female former MP on why she is voting no  (credit where it's due: this does raise some good points!)

I don't really agree with it (I didn't even realise it was written by Gordon Brown until I got to the end) but in order to keep things fair and balanced.

What was said in PMQ about devo-max when the Prime Minister wasn't there

A reminder that the Scottish Greens are very supportive of small businesses.

Here's a Nobel Prize winning economist saying that the refusal to allow a currency union is a bluff.

And here he is talking about how central banks are over-rated (does the term central bank sound familiar in this debate?)

EU citizens must vote yes to independence.

Related: EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland.

Indy Scotland cannot be thrown out of EU says leading international authority

A story of how someone went from a no to a yes vote (it involved that advert).

Everyone I know in Dundee is Yes and here is an article exploring Yes City. It also talks a lot about class.

I disagree with a lot in this but again in favour of a balanced debate: Britain is Great!

A piece written in English from a German website.

Scotland better placed to defuse its share of UK pensions time-bomb.

It's the Prime Minister of Spain that is quite outspoken about stopping an independent Scotland getting into the EU. Please be aware that an area of Spain is holding an independence referendum in November, so he clearly has an agenda for preventing Scotland becoming independent.

The Institute of Charted Accountants (Scotland) issued a paper on some practicalities of independence and pensions.

Denmark (and Iceland) would certainly welcome an independent Scotland into the EU.

Not that I think you should spend much time watching UKIP videos but here's a video of Nigel Farage rattling on in Brussels about an in-out referendum. Look out for the SNP MEP who takes him on, and gets a slightly better response..

French TV news depicts an independent Scotland as being richer than France & Germany.

Whilst the mainstream media are running stories on world leaders begging us to stay, The Solidarity with Scotland Facebook page shows regular people cheering independence on!

Alex Salmond discussing Scottish independence on Question Time in 1992!

Can these two ladies present the news in an independent Scotland?

Loch Yes Monster is the best Twitter account I've come across in a while.

Some offbeat Yes Facebook pages: Gingers for Yes, Midges for Scottish Independence, Dugs for Yes, Lady AlbaWheelie Bins for Yes, Patronising BT Lady, Panda's for Yes, Jedi for Independent Scotland, Forces of Darkness for Yes, Cats for Yes, and Goths for Scottish Independence.

Want to know what stupidly rich Scots think of the referendum? I didn't even finish reading this...

There's been reports that Standard Life will pull out of Scotland in the event of a yes vote, but please read their official statement and see that this isn't quite what they said.

The same goes for RBS (it is their registered address that will move, not the operations)

Here's another post on RBS.

Alex Salmond smacks down a BCC reporter on the banking issue

Also compare how this press event was presented on the BBC compared to what actually happened.

There was also some discussion in the 90's that devolution could mean banks move down south. They didn't.

Something similar.

Some mainstream news on Common Weal.

Something to consider regarding privitisation of the NHS, the chairman of BUPA backs a no vote.

The CEO of Whetherspoon's reckons we'll do just fine.

I met Jeane Freeman at an Engender event and she knows her stuff. Here's her smacking down Andrew Neil on NHS and TTIP.

Here's more on TTIP.

The BBC also reported on TTIP but buried it slightly.

Tesco have poo-pooed claims that prices will rise if there was a yes-vote.

ASDA have stated that supermarket prices could fall in an independent Scotland

Iceland CEO has said it would be 'business as usual' if we vote yes next week.

I mentioned my friend Charlotte last week and how we will probably end up voting different ways, but we might actually vote the same way in the end.

Lisa of Last Year Girl wrote her own piece on why she's backing a yes vote.

Also her yes-voting English husband's open letter to England. (I loved this).

Related: meet the English people voting for independence

The American Slate magazine says we should go for it.

I've seen a few yes-supporters sharing this: On grief and independence.

A pretty clever video.

And finally, a heartwarming piece on what we should all do on the 19th no matter which way the vote goes.

Morag x
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