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25 September 2013

Marks and Spencers anti-perspirant deodorant

When making the commitment to a cruelty-free lifestyle, one of the hardest products to re-direct your moolah to is that of a good sweat blocker. 

Thankfully the great British department store Marks & Spencers has come to the rescue. Along with Superdrug and The Body Shop (read my review here) this is the only brand I know definitely does a cruelty-free anti-perspirant. I was informed that Holland & Barrat also sell one but when I've had a look I could only find a deodrant, which as nice as they can be to cover the smell I'd quite like to not have sweat patches...

When I was in Markies picking up the vegan labelled food I headed up to the beauty department and was very surprised by their selection. I bought four ones to try out (as you might have guessed) but there were a few other scents available (there was cocoa butter, which I think is a weird smell for underarms to have). Because Marks & Spencers is regularly seen as middle-class havana I expected the products to be £10 each, but alas they were £2.00 each (aside from the coconut one, which was £1.50). 

Out of the four I bought, the one I have found myself reaching for the most has been the aloe vera roll-on. As much as I love the smell of coconut I'm not convinced it belongs on the underarms and the roll-ons just kept me somewhat drier than the sprays. And let's be honest, the Magnolia and Rose deodorants would make a good birthday gift if you're gran was looking to go cruelty-free. 

Obviously, make up your own mind about the scents (maybe you're not a weirdo like me who likes unscented products) but in terms of providing a blockage for sweat whilst still keeping your moral high-ground, then hands down Marks & Spencers all the damn way. 



  1. Oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever been so excited about deodorant. I didn't know they did this? I want it now, haha! I love them for being cruelty free!

    Alex ||

  2. I threw all my beauty products at the beginning of the year as i thoight they were cruelty free but found out the weren't so out it all went but i couldn't find a decent deo so thanks for the tip! :) i'm vegan too but i'm bedridden so i have to rely on other people checking foods for me (def not ideal) but you mentioned m&s food at the beginning, is it good?

  3. I love M&S body butters already so I don't know why I haven't picked up any of their deodorants. I'll be making the trip this weekend just to grab me one (or all of them). Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a decent cruelty-free deodorant for ages and now have found one.

    Helen x


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