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The Linkables

One of my favourite jewellery companies, Bonnie Bling, has released a new range named Bonnie is a Vampire Slayer.

More reason to watch your spending habits: major skincare companies linked to the destruction of tropical rainforests.

I've seen this post on getting home quicker when your flight is delayed several times, but like a lot of the commenters I'm going to call it out as arrogant bullshit. I've known people to get flight and room upgrades simply because they were the first person to be polite to the person at the desk all day.

Unreliable people make my blood boil - and I love Ash's post on successful people do what they say they will.

A natural beauty blog I discovered this week: NatuRia

If I ever just happen to find myself at Brighton and Hove (you know, on the off chance) this seems like such a nice little coffee place.

There's a charity vegan bake sale the same weekend as I'm in Birmingham (but I'll probably be too busy, but maybe you're not!).

A great Scottish music blog focusing on lesser known barely known acts: Song, By Toad

According to statistics vegans are only 1% of the popukations The Big Vegan Count aims to work out if that is actually accurate. There is the option to be counted as someone who is considering it.

A Glasgow blog for all the Southside dwellers: Southside Happenings.

How to be a polite houseguest from an eco point of view.  (I know there are loads on the internet, but this one covers a pet hate of mine that most posts miss out: not being mindful of my utility bills)

Some funny advice on going to a gig alone

Stop embarassing yourself: how to know when your crush doesn't want you (ouch, but we have all known someone who just doesn't get it and we're all like OH NO NO NO stop it already).

I'm convinced I'm going to find my photo on here: pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food.

The Weegie Hipster Tipster was such a good short lived blog which I hope comes back to life.

And finally, from a rape trial in the US Navy: was the victim wearing underwear on the night of her assault?   Because what's a link round-up without a rape apologist?

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