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The Linkables

Some hilarious examples of British people being too polite. And I have done more than half of them within my life.

Why I chose state education over private x1000000

27 survisors of sexual abuse quoting the people that attacked them.

Some accounts of people who knew serial killers and some who were almost the victims (there's quite a few Ted Bundy's in there - not for the faint hearted)

A shout out to a cancer charity run by a lovely women I know: Rainbow Valley

Apparently a study popped up on only children in August which I didn't spot, but some of us onlies have taken to defend ourselves (and our parents).

Another resource for finding hidden Glasgow gems

12 quotes from comedians about work.

According to the comments, this is not completely factual but still interesting: unstranslatable words from other languages.

People who switched careers at 50 and thrived!

Making your date reference on blogger a little more fancyyyyy!

Trans teen challenges school to let him run for homecoming king.

I thought I had seen it all on Tumblr, but not this: men taking up too much space on the train.

Get The Funk Out (and as a consequence Kage Nightclub) got a mention in The Skinny Magazine

101 Halloween costumes to make on the cheap. Thankfully my idea isn't there, so no stealing ;)

8 vegetarian chilli recipes.

A great idea for Halloween party favours.

A delcious food blog I came across: hint of vanilla.

31 signs you grew up in Aberdeen.

There's a village in England called Quorn

A Chrome app for vegans

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