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My favourite non-city places in Scotland

Uath Lochan near Aviemore (or in a drivable area) 


Probably my favourite non-city place is this town south of Inverness (which is one of the more 'touristy' cities in my opinion). I used to go camping a lot here (as did Gillian of elevatormusik who was recently there with her family) and reckon Rothiemurcus is the prettiest campsite ever and would make a great romantic back-drop. If I had someone to be romantic with...


Another one I spent a large chunk of my childhood at, and then some of my high school years as part of my training to go on an expedition to Peru. And then later in my uni years as I held down a long distance relationship with a boy in Stornoway (true story). It has a nice sea side town feel and an award winning chip shop which in my non plant-powered days I always made time to pick up a chicken burger and ice cream between the bus and ferry.


Balmedia was probably only recently put on the map because of a certain American tycoon plonking a golf course on the sand dunes. But it has long been on my map as I grew up only about four miles away (fun fact: my driving test was me driving from Aberdeen to Balmedie and back) and was a regular visitor growing up as my cousins spent their teenage years there and the beach was perfect dog walking fun (plus the play park was amaze!). It was where I said I'd live when I 'grew up' and had a family. But then I moved to Glasgow and my ovaries still don't pound when I see a kid...


I mentioned this place in one of my earliest ever blog posts in 2011 upon my first ever visit. It's a place that Dundonians tend to head to when they want a bit of a day trip. I remember some students I knew in first year halls heading up for days out but alas I didn't have a friend with a car until my third year. We headed through during nightfall and it was beautiful and I reckon part of my love is being based in a lovely memory. ♥

morag | mo adore
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  1. I really liked this post. It's nice to know about people's favourite places, the memories are always the best. To be honest, I don't really know much about Scotland or the places in it, expect for maybe Glasgow haha, so it's definitely an insight :)

    Char xo

    1. I know very little about England. Was in Birmingham last week and was so confused at all the random place names in the train station (and don't get me started on that time I did a jailbreak to Leeds hahaha!). xxx

  2. I always here people talk about Aviemore but I've never been. My favourite place would have to be the Isle Of Arran. I used to visit every year at least once with my gradparents and I have some really great memories there. I really want to explore northern Scotland a lot more.

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Ahhh so bizarre, I've just uploaded my first A-Z of me post and it's all about Aviemore! xx

  4. Ullapool is very nice place I also spend my holidays. world population


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