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New Year's Eve at The Dyce Tandoori

dyce tandoori aberdeen

Remember I said on new years day that one of my goals was too chill out this year? I like to think this post is a reflection that I am doing just that. Twenty-one days into 2015 I am writing about my very final restaurant experience of 2014 (and I still have another Edinburgh restaurant to blog about from the year that was) and not getting all Type-A on myself by insisting that it needs to be up within a week because then my blog wouldn't be organised and punctual. Justttt chilling.


Eating out on new years eve isn't something that I've done too often (despite my love of food). In fact, I think I've only done it once. However after a conversation with one of her work mates my mum got in the inspiration to go out for a family meal along with my uncle. However this idea wasn only officially entertained once I was back up in Aberdeenshire for Christmas, which was Christmas Eve and as a lot of us know tables fill up quick for final night of the year.

Needless to say we didn't get our first choice of restaurant (or even our second) so we ended going to the Dyce Tandoori. I admittedly did feel put out as the Dyce Tandoori doesn't look like much from the outside. But I was proved wrong. It's built into an old cottage on the main road of Stoneywood (it used to be a Jimmy Chung's) but is actually huge on the inside and can host functions.  

ceylonese korma dyce tandoori

Me and my mum shared a vegetarian platter for starters which was the average affair (though slightly spicier than usual) but I had a Ceylonese Korma for mains and it was one of the most delicious curries I've ever eaten. I've always been a korma girl but it's usually made from dairy cream, but a ceylonese is based on coconut cream and its a much sweeter sister of the regular korma. My dad also had a ceymolese korma but with lamb (I think?) as the menu was set out that there a big list of curries and then you pick whether you want vegetables, prawns or another kind of meat. 

I know it can be a wide complaint that Aberdeen doesn't have much of a foodie scene (in comparison to somewhere like Glasgow, even Dundee has a better city centre offering) but the secret to great food in Aberdeen is to head away from the centre into the suburbs and the surrounding towns. The Dyce Tandoori is a bit out of the way but I'd reassure anyone that this is somewhere making a few travel arrangements to get to if you like an Indian. 

 Morag x

P.S. I recently created a Scotland map of my favourite places to eat, drink and shop, which includes this review and others. 
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