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16 January 2015

The Linkables

I'm a former waitress and I still encourage everyone to tip (unless the service was rubbish, then don't tip) and Americans this is a handy *tip* to improve your tip. 

Whenever you've felt like an outsider, remember that a lot of insiders feel like outsiders

If you're still a student and struggling remember every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. If they can do it, so can you. (This is basically a studying advice post but has links and advice I would have never thought about, including a new favourite app of mine Coffitivity). 

Glasgow is getting a roller rink

Sinead shows us the first dress she's sewn this year

I go in and out of gaming and it takes a lot for a game to hold my attention - but my friend was playing Ingress and (after mocking him for a bit) I'm now altering my walk to work to find more portals (but I joined the Enlightened side just to be different and annoying). 

As much as I love blogging, reading, cooking, swimming et al I'm also a big fan of taking time out to partake in nothing.  

I'm yet to watch Pitch Perfect but this is pretty solid dating advice

Hipster Spinster has a small but fabulous range of homewares

The CF Bloggers Chat are trying to organise meet-ups in the UK, if you're interested tweet us with your location (Glasgow is already looking likely - and there's possibly a Lush store getting involved). 

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