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Cruelty-free cleaning // EcoEgg Laundry Egg

Ecoegg Laundry egg

There comes a time in every 20-something life when they realise they have become their parents.

For me this moment came when I decided to write this blog post raving about a product which is not lipstick or a new skirt, but laundry detergent.

Even better I bought this product whilst with my mum and she is waiting to know my opinion on it (you're definitely an adult when your parents see you as an equal in a discussion regarding domesticity advice).

Eco egg wash clever

All jokes aside, the EcoEgg is best detergent I have used since I've moved out of my parents house ( and specifically the best I've tried since starting to experiment with cruelty-free cleaning products (which I have been doing, even though I've only blogged once about it). As you can see it's not a run of the mill laundry power but is instead an 'egg' of white miniature cleaning balls (they look a bit like what is inside a bean bag) which you place on top of your clothes. I have the Soft Cotton fragrance and it leaves a really lovely smell on my clothes that can still be smelt when wearing them (I like the smell of 'clean' a bathroom that has just been bleached). Because I'm extra-clean I also use liquid in the 'drawer' of my washing machine but I tend to rotate different brands (I have a blog post coming up with which brands these are - all five of them).

I started using this in late December and have used it for every weekly clothes wash since. Whether it will last me 54 washes remains to be seen but it's certainly not going to run out any time soon! It was a bit pricey and refills are £7.49 so its not the cheapest on the market but it is certainly high quality. When I run out I'll decide if it's worth the price tag (and part of that will depend on how long it does last me in the end).

My mum is going to be so proud!
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