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Cruelty-free cleaning: ASDA Eco-Friendly range

Asda eco-friendly cleaning products

I mentioned early this year in my cruelty-free post that I wanted to make the transition into using only cruelty-free cleaning materials. And obviously my decision to review the products I'm trying will be the most riveting thing on your RSS feed, however these things are important to me and my ethics (and I imagine the ethics of a lot of my readers). However this isn't something I've researched in any particular depth so my knowledge is rusty and I extremely recommend anyone interested in switching over does their own research (and I'd welcome any resources anyone has on the issue!).

First up is some stuff from the ASDA brand, a lot of which I have been using for ages. Even though I've moved out it's still my mum who typically buys my cleaning stuff because despite being 23 I still take my laundry straight out the dryer just so I don't have to iron. My mum doesn't buy the eco range at home but she just knows how super-hip her daughter is and buys the eco-friendly range for her.

Washing Up Liquid
There's not much to say about washing up liquid if I'm honest. It works, it foams, this one smells of very little, it lasts for ages, and it keeps my dishes clean. I'd happily re-purchase this again and again.

Double Concentrated Liquid Wash
Another product I've been using a while however a big draw back is that I feel as though I have to use more of this than I would some other brands in order to get my clothes to a level of freshness I'm happy with. Even though I'm usually happiest with stuff that doesn't smell of much, I like myself a sweetly scented liquid for my clothes so I'll be hunting something a different product out in future. But I will happily finish this and the second bottle I have of the stuff until it finishes.

Toilet Cleaner
The kind of product that I leave in my toilet over night. My toilet seems clean - I'm not sure how exactly I'm meant to measure the effectiveness of a toilet cleaner if I'm honest.

Multi-Surface Cleaner
Saving the best for last. Except not. I really don't recommend this product and I have actually stopped using it in both my bathroom and kitchen and retracted to using something else I still had lying about. I found I had to scrub much harder with this than I would with all other surface cleaners I've used in the past - and I also found grime building up quickly again, which makes me wonder if it really was getting right through the grime in the first place...

Would buy again: washing up liquid and toilet cleaner.

Wouldn't buy again: liquid wash and multi-surface cleaner.

Have you went cruelty-free with your cleaning materials? Are there any products you think I should be trying? 

Morag x

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