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The Linkables

I actually like football, but still....all the lolz. 

The Little British Company is a shop I found recently for cute knick knacks.

I did a guest this week for Aimee Belle on resources for going cruelty-free.

The Scottish netball team have announced their Commonwealth team line-up.

A linguist on the story of gendered pronouns.

Geek Girls Guide is one of my new favourite websites (even if it isn't really that geeky)

My New Roots is another new favourite.

If you've ever struggled with perfectionism.

10 creative uses for wallpaper.

Product names that didn't translate very well.

If you're committed to a vegan, fair trade and organic lifestyle then all areas of your life will be affected (see: French Letter condoms)

I already knew this but it's worth pointing out the difference between red carpet make-up and everyday make-up.

Useless information: the 100 most edited articles on Wikipedia.

31 things the Olsen twins taught us about life (it was there birthday this week dontyouknow?)

The best of Buzzfeed this week: the hottest bearded men of the world cup.

I'm not a gamer but have many friends who are and this wasn't surprising to me and is probably the reason I tend to be friends with gamers (and have dated several).

How to use Instagram to market your restaurant.

This week the cider brand Rekorderlig admitted they use gelatin in their brewing process despite reassuring vegan customers they were suitable.

We clearly still have a long way to go until people can use the correct pronouns when it comes to transgendered individuals.

Watch Weezer's drummer catch a Frisbee without missing a beat.

And finally, guinea pig to become father to 400 after breaking into female enclosure.

Morag x
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