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The Linkables

For any Glasgow dwellers (especially Southsiders) there will a peaceful march on Monday in response to the the recent sexual assaults in the area.

If you're thinking of complimenting someone on apparent weight loss I wholeheartly agree that it might best to think twice.

Grant Nicholas, the front man of the impossibly perfect Feeder, has launched a solo career.

Best satire of the week: Daily Mail to become top-shelf newspaper to keep children from extremism.

A lesson on how Comic Sans came to be.

Go see Obvious Child in the theatres, American friends (or not, if you're pro-life).

The Scottish Netball team got through to the World Cup next year in Sydney!!!

And the English team - who get through automatically 'cause of their high ranking - have picked their team for the Commonwealth Games.

(You should however, hear my ranting on how the lack of mainstream coverage on how well some UK female teams are doing is proof that feminism is still required).

5 ways Weight Watches screwed up my relationship with food.

Natural deodorant isn't something I've ever rated highly but this cream deodorant sounds interesting.

I only know of the Meatpacking District in New York as the place Samantha Jones relocates to but a photographer dug up some old photos of its very unglamorous roots.

From my days working in a career centre I can tell you that these are a bit on the American side (having your photo on your CV isn't common in the UK) but if you do work in a creative field you might pick up some ideas for these CV templates.

I was directed to this blog because of one article (this one) but Creative Bloq is a great resource for any web or graphic design needs.

How much it apparently costs to hire famous musicians.

Comparing the vocal range/highest notes/lowest notes of different singers.

Finally, a Buzzfeed article of women from the 80's in London asking if you are one of these women or know who they are.

Morag x
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