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Punjaban Curry Sauces (and Supernature rapeseed oil)

punjaban curry sauces

punjaban butter chicken sauce

A few weeks ago you'll remember I received a press pass for the Ideal Home Show Scotland then I wrote a blog post prattling on about what I got in a goody bag and what I picked up with my own money. Amongst the stuff I spent my own moolah on was two jars of the Punjaban curry sauces (Butter Chicken and Keema curry to be exact).

The stall was heaving with people and I was originally going to only buy one jar but the guy said I'd be the first customer to do so, therefore he struck me a deal for two jars for £6 in order to keep his goal. Whilst one of the jars has an animal in the title, the stall drew me in with their signs saying all sauces were vegan. The recipes on the back mention meat for creating the curry however you can add whatever you feel like to these things (I go for mushrooms, onions, peppers and some kind of beans normally) - showing a company can cater to vegans without alienating the meat-eating majority ;) As the labels show they are also gluten and nut free however I'll let foodies who belong to those segments decide for themselves if this brand ticks their boxes.

As far as the two sauces themselves go my preferred option was the Butter Chicken. Whilst they both say medium on the jars, I'd say only the Butter Chicken is what I'd expect of a mild curry sauce. Whilst eating the Keema Curry I found myself stopping and gulping water every five minutes. Whilst my tolerance for spicy foods has went up in the past year, I'm still a korma girl at heart and can't imagine purchasing anything from this range marked 'hot'.

Also thrown into the picture is the Supernature garlic rapeseed oil which I also bought at the Ideal Home Show and used to stir-fry my vegetables. It's nice, and lovely, and full of garlic. And I've been using it to fry a lot of stuff recently. Very tempted to order in some of their other flavours.

Morag x
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