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5 blogs I've been reading for years

Over the years that I've been emerged in the blogging community my RSS reader has had many a blog added to them, but also has had many a blog go missing, deleted or just not quite fitting my taste any more. 'Cause we are talking about ten years here. 

Below I've rounded-up five blogs that have stood the test of time for me. Some of them are extremely well-known; some not-so-much. Whilst I don't read some of them as obsessively as I once did, I've never given up on them and still check by with some regularity to see what they've been saying. 

Gala Darling

Gala Darling probably needs little introduction. Originally I followed because I was seventeen and though she 'was totally cool' with her pink hair and overall colourful dress sense. However she ended up becoming a huge inspiration in terms of my life outlook in my late teens and early twenties and even had me flicking through her archives looking for advice when I went through a bad break-up in late 2010. I still have her Love & Sequins podcast on my iPod to this day.

TwentyFour Carat

I can remember reading this blog by a 20-something Canadian back before I went to university. Even though it has developed into a fitness blog - now called IFuckingLoveFitness - from what was originally a personal/lifestyle blog I still dip into it now and then to see what Katy has been up to (which included a recent trip to UK shores!).


This hasn't always necessarily been my favourite feminist read however it is the one that has stood the test of time whilst other feminist blogs merged, shut their metaphorical doors or altered their direction. (The F Word became my favourite read at some point during university, mainly because of it's UK focus).

Logical Harmony

Now considered one of the most influential cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle bloggers in the world (and I don't even think I'm exaggerating) I can remember obsessively reading Tashina's blog before either us became conscious consumers (she used to run a link round up each week of companies offering samples and I'd hurry to order any available in the UK). I halted reading at some point during university and when I made my cruelty-free switch in 2012 I accidentally stumbled upon her blog again.


Sarah's blog hasn't been on my RSS feed as long as some of the others on my list however I remember the evening (in my second year of university when I was 19) I discovered her blog (because that's how much I instantly fell in love) and flicking through her archives to find more! And like Gala Darling her posts became a great source of inspiration for me as I began to navigate adulthood and what ended up being a difficult few final weeks of my teenage years.

Morag x

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