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The Linkables

Credit: OhHay!

Today - yes, today - Shelter in Morningside is selling Prada

This week on Buzzfeed there was an picture-list on Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments. It is an average list but I could remember, even as a young kid, as finding these specific scenes oddly satisfying (but could never explain why). In the comments it was brought up that if you did you probably had ASRM.

Which lead onto a massive Google...

Some of the best description of ASRM I've found has been from Steven Novella (recommended by a skeptic friend with the words "If he thinks it exists then it's legit") and the best YouTube channel I've found roleplaying common triggers is Olivia's Kissper ASMR. (I realise half you will think this is bonkers).

Also on Buzzfeed we had a look at what Victoria Beckham wore in the mid-2000's (I can remember a lot of these outfits). 

My pal Lis has put together a guide on what the new EU VAT laws mean for UK-based indie musicians (her 'grown-up job' is writing for a law magazine). 

I shared the brilliant feminist/body image activist Melissa A Fabello's YouTube channel last year. But she didn't update much after I found it. Looks like she's started up again.

What happened in Paris this week was atrocious, but Islamaphobia is also atrocious. This article and this article remind us of a few things. (the last cartoon in the second one made my stomach turn)

I found a blog that also runs a series called Linkables (and it's a blog that explores the Midwestern states so, duh, it's my thing). 

Over on the West Side in Seattle there's a new law against throwing food in the wast bin

There's a show in America called Tiny House Hunters

The story of the real Lolita. (Comes with trigger warnings)

India elects it's first transgendered mayor

This is how you do a dog obituary. 

In defence of age-gap relationships.

Climate change news: 80% of fossil fuels need to stay in the ground (a quick Google shows loads and loads of science/environmental news sites sharing this).

The 'militarization of fitness' - such as bootcamps - isn't a good thing

Pictures of really famous people before they (well, most of them) were famous at their prom

Netflix plans to clamp down on users' attempts to dodge its regional restrictions

P.S. Today is my 4th blogging anniversary, soppy post due tomorrow. 
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