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2013: The Year of Catch-Up

Too funny not to share! via Perfect 2013.

We all know I love a good resolution and plotting for the year ahead. In fact planning is my favourite geeky activity. I begin planning my resolutions in early December and this blog post has been a week in the making. 

I've decided to dedicate the year of 2013 to catching-up. Not catching-up over coffee kind of catching-up but catching up on the projects and plans I never got around to doing or did start but got put on the back burner. These aren't things my heart wasn't in or a phase from my adolescence, but plans I really wanted to do and still do to this day but newer ideas and adventures stole my attention.

There are a few things that will need to be omitted for practicality (I'll save the pilot license for when I earn more) but the list is full of goals that should be very realistic within the next year and it could be considered a bit silly that it has taken me until 22 to get round to it all.

Without further ado...

Grow my own balcony garden
It has been a dream for years now to grow my own food and whilst I have previously been granted the excuse of not having a garden - I now have a balcony! And my research has shown that balcony gardens are not impossible if you design and buy specifically for it. I'm still yet to ask my flatmate's permission though...

Get serious about this whole tattoo thing
Since summer 2011 a tattoo design has been ingrained in my head which is an updated version of my proudest childhood drawing - we had to design our own flower, mine were pink daffodils that were strawberry scented. Which I want on my ribs, which is apparently one of the ouchiest places to get inked. The design has stuck for so long that to say I haven't thought long and hard about this is grossly false. Draw, research, draw, save, finalise, get it done!

Learn another language
It was 2012 that access to a beta version of a free language software for French came my way. And since then I've re-learned when to use elle, il, nous, vous or tu by heart. And I regularly translate businesses that use French in their titles. But more must be done. I also have grounding in British Sign Language and Spanish but by the end of 2013 I'd like to have a strong proficiency in French and work on my BSL and Spanish (Italian if I can squeeze it in!)

Get the rest of the piercings I flipping want
Now that I have bit the bullet and pierced my tragus which turned out to be nothing I now need to stop being such a pussy about the others, which really just stands at definitely a helix and nipple. And maybe a rook, nape and navel. Maybe.

Fix/improve my PC
I am not a massive geek, but I am a sort of geek. And that means I have been itching to add bits and bobs to my PC for years. I got as far as upgrading my image card and buying some gaming add-ons. But given that its broken I need to get a new hard drive stat!

Finish up my scrapbook project
In 2010 I cut out snippets from my teenage magazines and kept inspiring info with the plan to make scrapbooks for inspiration when I was feeling blue or in need of advice. But it never got done. In fact, I never bought glue. If completed this in 2013 it would free up the folder I'm keeping it all in...

Read the books that have sat on my Amazon wishlist since 2007...
My list: The Vampire Diaries series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Hannibal Rising, Hannibal, Super Freakoconomics, Tainspotting, The Colour Purple, Lolita, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, One Flu over the Cuckoo's Nest, Girl Interrupted, Hot, Flat & Crowded, Singled Out, I'd Rather be Singled than Settle, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Thanks for Coming, The Undercover Economist, The Economic Naturalist, The Purity Myth.

Do a web design/graphic course
When it comes to teaching myself css and html, I have been quite the ninja. But when it came to teaching myself graphics I know how to resize an image and as far as programming goes I know how to copy some text that indicates to my Blogger template to 'display categories here'. So because of this and how important it is I know these things to expand my career in digital marketing I'm planning to enroll in a Photoshop course this March.

Do something with that domain name you purchased 18 months ago...
Do you know that the domain name belongs to myself? Probably not since it's so inactive you don't always uncover it Googling my name. Since summer 2011 it has been registered (and paid for) by my dad. I did write up an about page - which whilst well written for back then had to be re-worked today because I'm no longer entering my final year of university. So let's get my portfolio/marketing blog up and running this year, aye?

The point of this is to get it cleared off my plate and thus in 2014 I can start living doing new things and this won't be hanging over me. This year might not be dedicated to love and adventure but clearing up the loose ends so I can look forward in 2014. I've had some real adventures the past few years but that meant some important things got put to the back burner and forgot about ideas that I had held so close to me previously. And still do. With no obvious landmarks this year, the next 12 months should be the perfect year to sit down and catch-up on all those loose ends!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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