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Trying a new form of exercise

About two years ago I started a series called the anti-diet. This series now only makes up for four posts in my blog's entire archive despite having scribbled down a list of topic ideas. One of the ideas I was going to touch upon was a reminder that exercise is an important part of leading a (physically and mentally) healthy lifestyle. And no matter how bad at P.E. you think you might have been I believe there's a sport or exercise out there for everyone, and if you don't believe me then you just haven't found it yet.

I've tried quite a few sports over my lifetime. As an adult I've settled on netball and swimming, and during my time at university I was on the dance/cheer team. The latter I do miss but I don't have the time any more to partake in a sport where I have to be there every week to learn a routine. However there's been other sports I've given serious attempts over the years before deciding it really wasn't my passion. Yoga, hillwalking, running, pilates, football, weight lifting, cycling, skipping and nicking my mum's old rowing machine are all workouts that I can say honestly aren't for me. And anything that involves a bat or racquet were the sports I dreaded in P.E. (especially if it also involved a shuttlecock).

And last Monday I gave a new sport a try: freestyle jumping at the new Air Space centre in East Kilbride*. I was was kindly invited along to their launch night to try their various trampolines, of which there was many and certainly different to the one I had as a kid. It's fairly difficult to describe the various trampolines without visuals, so I'm removing any kind of stick I have up my ass and sharing pictures of myself looking silly. See the photo I used at the start to awe at the professionals.

First off we have me falling on this yellow trampoline. This is a different material from the other trampolines and is much more spongey. It's designed to be especially bouncy and I actually found it quite alarming for the first couple of bounces. There were also teenagers there from a local gymnastic group and they were all over this section. I was getting a bit embarrassed being a flailing 24 year old amongst all these kids doing flips.

This one was probably the scariest looking of the lot, and now having experienced I would say it's not for the newbies (like myself). There's three different heights, but essentially you jump from a trampoline onto a softly inflated mat. The jump itself wasn't that bad but I had trouble crawling out from the landing. Again, looking very graceful amongst the agile teenagers...

This however, was a trampoline I had a good wee bit of fun on. Being a netballer I knew this one where I have to bounce down a strip of trampoline before shooting a ball into a net was one I could impress with (even though I'm a WA/WD, rather than a GS/GA - netball chat). Still a teenager did get enough bounce in him that he didn't even need to throw the ball to get it in the hoop.

And back to what I was saying before about finding a sport. Can you honestly tell me you've tried every sport going? Ever tried freelance jumping? Even though bouncing on trampolines didn't feel like much of a work out time I did have that 'post-exercise' feel at work the next day.

Give it a try!

Morag x

P.S. I attended the launch night for free, and it will usually be £12 an hour. All opinions are my own. 

morag | mo adore
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