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Review: Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil

Admittedly I've owned this product for a good few months now (could easily be half a year) and I've lost all memory of why I purchased it in the first place. That's not to say it's a bad product but I'm not entirely sure why I decided to purchase an anti- feathering lip-pencil and I always like to start my review with why a product was purchased in the first place.

Either way I think this product is one that I'm not entirely sure what my opinion is about it. It is described as a anti-feathering lip pencil, which is definitely is, I just think that this is a non-essential beauty product which is why despite it doing exactly what it is meant to I feel I can't rave about it because in the grand scheme of things I think there are many other products I'd rather own instead. 

No photos were taken for this as the results are difficult to pick up on camera. Just as in real life, if your lipstick doesn't have the smoothest line ever it would go unnoticed unless it was clearly not on your natural lip. As for keeping lipstick on your lips, like a lot of primers, you need to be careful of 'buildable' lipsticks as it only keeps the first layer on the lips; any other layers of lipstick after the first are likely to come off. So only use a pigmented colour that only takes one swipe to get the desired result. And yes, the line around the lips is smoother but only if your make-up was being really scrutinised.

Do I get prizes for the most wordy review ever? In conclusion this product does do what it is meant to and I use it when I'm going out at night and wearing a bright colour (I don't wear lipstick daily). However when it comes to finishing the product I doubt I'll be rushing out to buy it again. If dropping £12 on a beauty product became nothing to me then my opinion might change but as long as I'm still on a graduate salary then I'm using my pennies to buy products that make a much bigger different to my face. I'd recommend this for rich consumers, people who like their make-up pristine, professional make-up artists or someone needing make-up for an important event where perfection is required. 

. Morag

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