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Beauty Review: MeMeMe Arch Angel

As so many of my beauty reviews recently have been along the lines of okay if you have the money, good if you're travelling but not every day or might be better if you had dry skin I decided I should post about a product that has become part of my daily routine and I really see myself re-purchasing.

Like a lot of beauty bloggers I take more care of my eyebrows than you're average person on the street. I'm also not naturally blessed  in the eyebrow department (along with acne, eyebrows are what I see when I see teenage photos of myself) so that also explains why I have a more extensive eyebrow routine than most.

When it comes to similar products I bought the No7 eyebrow tamer back in 2010 but will admit I was unimpressed with it. I bought the MeMeMe version as part of a sale and was more after the highlighter than the tamer but when I received the product it was the eyebrow tamer I was more impressed by.

I find it really does brush my eyebrow hair whichever way I want it to and then keeps it in place. Also because it is brown coloured it means it helps colour my eyebrows. However a negative is that you have to be careful the formula doesn't make it onto your skin and smudge. It easily coverable with concealer but be careful as it can slow you down in the morning if you have to tidy up the edges.

As for the highlighter I have to admit that it is pretty average. Not terrible, but nothing special either. I remember borrowing a really good highlight by Elf a while ago but for some reason never purchased myself. But as it is attached to an amazing product I will accept it as being there (this product in under a tenner, so hardly a waste of money!).

Also, as with all MeMeMe products, the packaging is awesome.

Lots of tamed eyebrow love,

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