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How I Looked: New Winter Coat

Welcome to the blog post in which I hang out in Glasgow Green with my camera and tripod. Thankfully the dog walkers, cyclists, runners and even canoeists kept any curious comments to themselves! This was only my second 'public' outfit photo but I felt as though I was already getting the hang of not being embarrassed, not taking too long and choosing a location. I'm pretty chuffed with how these turned out. Hopefully when the light nights come in I'll be confident enough to do more locations (or will have convinced someone to take photos for me).

As a side note: I remember chuckling whilst photographing this as I could hear an ice-cream van in the distance playing teddy bears picnic...

I knew this winter that I wanted to go fur a faux fur coat and given the selection Primark had last year I thought I should hit it up this year too. I didn't have the guts to go for a full on fur coat last year so settled for a waistcoat but I've become a lot more confident about dressing frivolously since my move to Glasgow (probably because you can get off with it here) as opposed to my parents house in an Aberdeenshire village. Admittedly the selection was pretty poor this year and this jacket was almost about sold out and I seen someone else wearing it on the morning commute the next day. But I feel so cheery walking about knowing there are bear ears on my head.

This coat is super-toasty too. Admittedly my legs and hands were freezing taking these pictures - which probably means this is the kind of winter that calls for trousers - but my torso and head were cosy. My friend at work was wearing it at her desk because she has one of the coldest seats and also confirmed the snugliness of it. 

I may still however buy a second winter coat as this is a very casual one. Even though I believe the world would be a better place if we all wore animal ears I realise that there are some situations where resembling a bear just isn't appropriate.

The rest of the outfit is another office outfit I bought/put together. The skirt and shoes have already featured on the blog and they are now very much staples in wardrobe - H&M also do a pale pink version of the skirt which I have my eye on.

Lots and lots of teddy bear love...

Morag x
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