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Stocking fillers for redheads and gingers

I'm a big fan of stocking fillers - as long as they aren't coal. Or cheap chocolate coins. I'm also a redhead which provides scope to combine these two things. Redheads might only make up 4% of the worlds population (a non-made up fact!) but if like me you live in the Scottish region of the UK you're likely to know one (and if you know me personally, then you do).

Colour Me Good: Ginger from Amazon
Buy your favourite ginger the gift of colouring in their favourite ginger celebrities. Requires your friend to be a kid at heart. Or an actual kid.

Ginger necklace from Bonnie Bling
I mentioned Bonnie Bling in yesterday's Weekend Web Browsing post (and my TiTL post) but I wanted to highlight a specific necklace that my ginger head is eyeing up. I'm more of a auburn-lass than ginger but I think I'd wear this anyway. 

Dry shampoo by Batiste
Dry shampoo is an amazing invention but for anyone that isn't blonde the white marks outweigh the benefits of an extra half hour in bed. Batiste has had a brunette version for a while but it was only this year that a redheaded dry shampoo was released.

FYI, Batiste's Twitter moderator has informed me that they don't test on animals however I have performed no further research so this product is not fully endorsed as cruelty-free.

Ginger moustache mug from Amazon
Ever feel as though gingers are a bit missed out of Movember? Almost all Movember merchandise I see shops creeping up with tend to be black. I know there are a lot more black haired man-types than ginger man-types, but really? I'd certainly look silly sporting a fake black one - this mug is ideal for a ginger to get their fake mustache on. 

Playboy Redheads available at Amazon
And a stocking filler for the red-head lover. Fancy a worldy observation from Auntie Morag? Over half the guys I've dated have had a thing for redheads with some having had dated other redheads. If you have a friend who is dating/has dated a lovely female of the auburn persuasion then it may be likely that it is no accident.

Lots of ginger and redhead love! 

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