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Stocking fillers for the foodie that loves a drink

It's no secret that I consider myself a foodie. But did you know that I'll rarely order the same thing every time I find myself at a bar? I generally find that people who are really into food are also into alcohol, but in a fine wine and liquers kind of way rather than a cheap can of cider for breakfast sort of way.

So if you find that the foodie in your life is also a fan of a tipple why not combine the two hobbies with my last minute gift guide?

Intoxicated Cupcakes by Kate Legere
Of course we need to start with a cupcake book. Because, why not? I flicked through this in town (I believe it was Joy in the Buchanan Galleries) and there was many a liquer to choose from. If someone doesn't buy me this I'm sure going to pick it up anyway.

Rock Shots from Henleys
If you were at the Scottish Blogger meet-up then I may have just ruined the 'secret' part of Secret Santa. Um, sorry?There were plenty of flavours to choose from but I stuck with Cola as it was a safe bet but if you're buying for someone who might prefer a more off-beat flavour you'll be in luck. 

Dougnut Hipflask from Urban Outfitters
If the drunk foodie in your life prefers not to mix the two hobbies quite so literally then a food shaped hipflask should get you brownie points. Or just provide them a funkier bottle to take to parties rather than a cola bottle pre-mixed with vodka. 

Because after all that drinking your post-drunk foodie friend will need to cook something to numb it all. I flicked through this in a shop and it gets the veggie seal of approval!

And for the foodie who prefers their kicks a little stronger...

Stoner's Delight by Dane Noon & Lex Lucid
Um, each to their own?

Lots of alcoholic cake love!

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