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The Linkables

Sparkly Christmas wishlist by Sweet Monday

Fancy giving yourself a Mean Girls manicure?

If you live in Glasgow you need to be subscribing to Bee Waits for No One if you want to have your finger on the pulse of weegie coolness. For those you wanting slightly off-beat Christmas gifts she has started up her Alternative Christmas Shop guide again this year. 

From Bee's selection I also discovered Bonnie Bling which brings together the best parts of plastic jewellery and Scottish slang. Extra points for recognising that the whole of Scotland doesn't talk like Glasgow. The Quine necklace is well on my to buy list.  

I can't believe I only discovered SkinnyTaste just this week. The Spinach Lasagne Rolls certainly weren't the easiest thing I've ever made but they certainly looked impressive  

Urban Decay were bought over by L'Oreal last week - Tashina of Logical Harmony has been documenting it to see what it means for their cruelty-free stance. 

If you're looking to buy a Christmas present for a foodie (erm, *hint*) then Rosie's guide to a home-made hamper is a good place to start

Sorry Gem, I think I might just be nabbing your candy cane Christmas wrapping idea.

I've recently started taking public outfit photos, after wanting to for years, and Elizabeth's post on the issue helped nudge me in that direction.

Just in case you get lost for words with a sad person - Emergency Compliments.

I'm not even going to lie that this is my dream apartment - 32 Signs You're Living in a Hipster Apartment.

And that's clearly you're weekend sorted, not because you're knee deep in Christmas shopping or anything...

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