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Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had an amazing 2012 Christmas! I know I did - this year will easily be put up there with my fav Christmassy times. Christmas dinner was held at my Uncle's house (he's just around the corner) with me pre-paring veggie goodness in my parents' kitchen and with my mum working a morning shift (nursing!) it was pretty much my play-house. I didn't have the energy to prepare sushi on Christmas Eve as I had planned so created it this morning before moving on to my Festive Filo Pastry, which was a hit with the other vegetarian.

I always find that the festive celebrations I spend with 'extended' family (hate that term!) are a lot more enjoyable than the ones with just my parents and grandmother. This year my cousin's girlfriend brought over her mother and sister from her home country Latvia along with her sister's fiancé from the Nederlands, totalling 11 people across 3 different nationalities. So it was packed. But they were super lovely and brought over a ton of gifts for us, and bought me stuff I'd use (final photo) despite not having met me (aside from my cousin's girlfriend). There were a lot of foreign food goodies so that appealed to the foodie in me! I instgramed earlier what my parents and anyone who delivered gifts before the 25th gave me. Super awesome all round.

I did buy a dress specifically for today but forgot to take photos of it! And also forgot to bring up the necklaces I bought to go with it. Ooopss...

Much Christmas love, and if you don't celebrate: lots of love anyway! 

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