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What's on my vegetarian Christmas menu?

Three things that are important parts of my personality: I'm vegetarian; I love to plan a party; I can be regularly found in a kitchen. One of my life mottos is also 'go big or go home'. Wrap this all up at Christmas time and you end up with a vegetarian armed with trays of food ready to make a turkey look like a poor person's Christmas. 

Though it didn't get finalised until yesterday. So maybe not an organised Christmas day menu.

Christmas Eve with parents and granny

Almost as far back as I can remember it has been a tradition in my family to have nibble like food on Christmas Eve. And for my Gran to be there. Not a proper meal - small bites such as cheese, crackers, olives, skewers of whatever....but obviously with me being an adult and not being forced fed anything anymore I'll be preparing things (assuming I get up from Glasgow in time).

As a centerpiece I think a food wreath would be ideal. Not nearly as complicated as it looks this is simply crescent rolls topped with cream cheese then green and red veggies of choice. Voila!

And to bring a bit veganism plus something a bit more exciting than cheese and crackers to the coffee table: seasonal sushi! When I first seen this on the vegetarian society website I was a bit 'wtf' as sushi isn't something I'd usually associate with Christmas. But then I decided to make it because 1) I love sushi and 2) being appropriate isn't my strongest trait. But I'm keeping it for Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, 'cause that would be really odd....

Christmas Day with the extended family

This year's Christmas Day will include a wopping 11 people spanning three different nationalities (before anyone thinks my family is exotic, my cousin just has an exotic girlfriend, who's sister also has an exotic boyfriend). I'm also going to have to prepare two lots of veggie goodness as my cousins-girlfriends-sisters-boyfriend is also vegetarian. Better not do anything less than perfection then!

My take on the vegetarian centerpiece - this is going to be set-up to show-up the turkey. Which it probably won't but when deciding on my Christmas menu I think us salad-eaters need a centerpiece too. 

One of the reasons I'm picking this for Tuesday is because a 'stuffed cabbage' reminds me of a turkey. You know how you would stuff a turkey? I'm stuffing a cabbage instead. Eat me.  

If these vegetarian recipes aren't quite right for you (and you're still more disorganised than me) then check out my Christmas & Winter Pinterest board to see what didn't quite make the cut this year. 

And for dessert my mum is in charge - I am one person, who will need to travel Christmas Eve. Breaks my heart. 

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