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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Work Attire: H&M pleather & bows

A bit of a new mix up for my first outfit post since September! Firstly I took me and my camera, and my tripod (and a old holdall) to a near empty car park and snapped myself in public. Completely scary biscuits but after taking the last few outfit posts in my parents back garden I really feel as though a backdrop can really add to a picture. Some blogs do suit the plain white background but as my blog has a cream text area I feel that's why a non-white background works best.

Secondly the text on the photos. I took this idea from Sarah of and whilst she isn't a fashion blogger (but still one of my favourite blogger EVAR!) it was a nice touch that allows a reader the chance to get info without digging right in. I am slightly in two minds as I'm scared it might distract from the outfit itself, but I have time to play with fonts to get it just right (the fonts don't match in the three photos above for experimental purposes.).

Thirdly, the prefix on the title is now "work attire" rather than how I looked. I was never sure how I felt about how i looked but kept it anyway almost two years later. Because I now mainly live in office suitable (but still fashionable - I think) clothing work type outfits are going to start popping up more often. So just as I categorise out my fancy dress outfits, I'm probably going to start doing so with my work outfits. Also because I don't know of any other blogger who posts their office clothes

What does everyone else think? I'd love some feedback.

Morag x
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