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Review: Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner

Usually whilst I'm in Lush picking up some of my regular products (which we should all know by now is near half my products) I'll pick up an extra product just to try out. These tend to be lower priced products that usually just help me make up the full value of whatever pound note I'm paying with. The Jungle Solid Conditioner was one of these. I chose it because the forever travelling (and amazing!) Sarah von had mentioned that solid shampoos/conditioners are great for when on the move and I wasn't long home from Africa and though 'damn wouldn't it have been handy to have already sourced out the best solid shampoos and conditioners sooner'. Along that lines.

Whilst I did buy it with an intention of just 'trying it out' I was very surprised to discover it was quite the gem and it became my general conditioner until it ran out very recently. My hair is naturally fairly oily and I use henna to dye it so my hair doesn't suffer terrible dry ends (despite it length) however it can get very tuggy and I found a few strokes of this in the shower helped sort that out.

This was my first time using a solid conditioner as opposed to a liquid one and it was something to get used to. When I first got in the shower I imagined I'd rub it between my palms and it would lather up into a light cream. Not quite. I had been using it for a few weeks before I realised that the more effective creamy bits lie inside not towards the more outside layers which have been exposed to the elements. My advice is to cut it in half and use the inner layers to do your hair instead of rubbing the thing along your ends (which I originally did).

Overall, I really liked this product. Admittedly it won't become my every day conditioner because it's not as luxurious and is damn harder to use than its bottled counterparts! However for a situation where I might decide to go hike it out in a developing country, jet off for a weekend with just hand luggage and need to keep my liquids to the pesky allowances or finally get around to checking "go to a festival" off my bucket list, then by all means a re-purchsing situation may be on the cards!

(And by 'may be' I mean that I am planning to experiment with more solid hair products in preparation for these moments)

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